Sunday, May 7, 2017

Some Good Hindi, and Tamil Short Films

Recently while I was watching some cookery shows in Youtube, I happened to accidently  come  across, some really interesting Short stories filmed with some known as well as some unknown actors, with good directors, with the duration of each film being from 8 mins. to 15 to 30 mins.
Some were from well known authors too. I have become totally hooked to these short, very profound movies.
I really missed the old Hindi serials which were aired in DD years ago.  In those days they didn't have such crazy Saas Bahu  serials with every character being very wicked and scheming, with everybody wearing designer blouses and sarees with heavy costume jewellery etc.
The stories used to be very simple and with lot of food for thought, we would be led to ponder over the story in depth for a long time. Mostly they were stories written by famous Hindi novelists. The actors were dressed in a simple manner, and they also acted very well. Some short stories of Tolstoy and other Russian authors too were made into short films. They were so good, intellectually stimulating.
 Then came the invasion of our television,  with serials made by the likes of people like Ekta Kapoor, and others followed her style : they were called Soap Operas likes the ones that had people hooked to them all over America.  I too was a big fan of Bold and The Beautiful and Santa Barbara.The B&B  is still running and Santa Barbara ended years ago. They had stopped airing B&B, and though one can still watch it in the net,  it has become very boring, with the actors becoming quite old, and their children continuing in the same path.
My TV watching has been cut down to just some travel, cookery, and some repeats of comedy serials like, Friends, Seinfeld, and Frasier. Somehow I never get tired of watching these comedies, and now they have stopped Frasier, and Seinfeld, really sad.  

Coming back to the present, I was thrilled to see some sensible type of films that didn't all of your time: it was such a relief!
I am posting some links to two short film which  I am sure you all would really love watch: they are short Hindi movie, but you can watch also many Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu movies too, most of them come with sub-titles in English. All of them are award winning short movies.

Here are the links for you:

Everyday, I watch a few of them in all languages, and I am very happy to share them with all of you.


  1. What you say is right...the old serials were very good. We could not stop watching it even for a day...because the story would move on, some twist in the tale was there at the end of the episode. I used to call my sister to get updated, I remember. Now, we can continue even after going out of town for a week!

    But for a change, I watched 'P.O.W. bandi yudh ke' serial until last month....I think they must have screened for 3-4 months. It was very very good. I was talking about it all the time. Their TRP rating didn't improve at all. No dramas were there in every vulgar dialogues. So, they had to wind up, it seems. Everybody acted very well. Some were familiar actors and some were not. Acting was superb by all. Now, I am struck with musical reality shows, that is all!

    Let me have a look at the short films. I too like to watch them and have watched some good ones in Hindi and Tamil.

  2. I had watched 'Teaspoon' long back. Very well-made film.

  3. True, Rama,reality is totally neglected in serials now a days.I don't watch them.Thank you for the link,Rama.Will watch.

  4. I have been lately hooked to the productions from Large Short Films. Some really interesting short stories they have produced.
    i too still love the DD serials that used to come way back when I was growing up