Saturday, September 5, 2015

Happy Krishna Jayanthi !!

Today is the Birthday of Lord Krishna, and it is celebrated all over India. People start preparing sweets and savories, which are supposed to be loved by Lord Krishna, buying fruits and flowers,  putting Rangoli all over the house welcoming the Lord into their homes.
Our Hindu religion has so many Gods and Goddesses, that every other day is some God's birthday. Indian are always in celebrating mood, perhaps by doing so , they are able to forget their everyday tensions.
Lord Krishna has always been portrayed as being in deep blue color. There  is some significance for being so, if you are interested you can google it and find for yourself. As usual, I was totally unaware of that,  for I only vaguely knew that very soon there is going to be celebration of  Lord Ganesha's Birthday.  Anyway I went about my work, and didn't give much thought to it.
Then our maid came, I thought okay she might like to celebrate Krishna's Birthday, so I told her her to put some typical rangoli which is put on His birthday. As children living wth our parents we used to enjoy putting these kind of Rangoli, and eating all the things made for Krishna's Birthday. We would wait impatiently for the evening to come, for his Birthday is celebrated only in the evenings. Once the Puja is done we would all gobble all the goodies prepared by our mom.
Those were the days when one blindly believed whatever everybody  believed, for we were too young to think. As we grew older, and wiser, we started seeing no meaning in all these endless celebration of Birthdays of various Gods and Goddesses. 
Coming back to the present, I taught my maid how to make some simple rangoli and this is what she did. It looks very simple yet very good. Here is a short story of Krishna's arrival at our home:
Krishna enters our house with his tiny feet, tup, tup tup... enters our kitchen where we have a little Puja space.

He is thrilled to see himself surrounded by the Gopikas, all waiting to welcome him. He starts to swing merrily playing his flute.

The Cow YAWNS........

All of a sudden Krishna's nostrils are hit by an unusual aroma, his nose starts tickling, he stops playing his flute, and jumps up to see some yummy Chinese food right under his nose...

                Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour vegetables and Cauliflower Manchurian

He says to himself, "am I in the wrong house", when he heard the woman of the house say,"no, no, everything is fine, we thought you might like a change and made Chinese for you".

Krishna was absolutely thrilled, and shouting, "Holy Cow! (waking up the startled cow) thank you, for I am really tired of eating the same Seedais, Pohas, Murukkus etc., in every house, I visit..."

After polishing every bit of the offering, he smiled cheekily and said " Gods too need a change"

Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita, “If you offer Me with love a leaf, flower, fruit or water, I will accept it. But please, please don't offer me the same things again and again. Have mercy!, he pleaded"

So offer whatever you can—it’s your love and devotion that matters! 
So here I am, feeling happy to have made both Mary and the ever Blue Krishna happy in my own small way.

Did you like my story of Lord Krishna?