Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Award: The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

This award was given to me by my very dear blogger friend Rachna http://rachnaparmar.com

Thank you Rachna, it is a pleasure. Sorry for the delay in collecting it.

Now 7 honest things about myself:

1. Having tried various methods of exercising, I discovered that Aerobics was the thing for me and that is what I have been doing for the last 15 years or so.
 I am totally addicted to fitness, and it never bores me,  and I feel bad on the days I have to skip it. I have a pedometer, which is another addiction, for I have to log minimum  fifteen thousand to maximum twenty thousand steps per day. (despite, all my efforts, I am  still carrying weight where I don't want : it reminds me painfully that, being in the early 50s maybe fun, but it has its own disadvantages, for I cannot fight the battle of the bulge and be a winner all the time.)

2. I suffer from OCD. (obsessive compulsive disorder)
I am always bugged when our house is not as clean and neat as I would like it to be, or when things are not as I want them to be. I somehow feel I am too fussy about certain things. However, I am working on it and soon I would not let little things bother me.
I also want to add, although I blog, I am always stuck at some place or other for I think this lack of proper knowledge of Internet really boggs me down, there are times I really don't know where to go for help, even googling doesn't help sometimes. I know I am a slow learner, for even when people are willing to patiently help me I don't easily understand, for some things are beyond my comprehension. I wish I could find some way to over come these irritants.

3. I am always very frank, and I never take injustice done to me or others, without fighting back.

4. Being a Reiki Practitioner/ Teacher, I am being made aware of all my negative points, and I am changing as much as possible. I realize that merely being a teacher does not make a person an expert, for I too, have to keep changing to evolve into a better person. I appreciate many things in people and have no hesitation telling them, even if they are the sort of people I don't generally get along.

5. I have many goals and I intend to reach them before it is too late. The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary.

6. I always have a plan before embarking into anything, as it saves me lot of time and the job is also well done without any tension.

7. I do get depressed sometimes, but I just can't remain depressed for long, for to me laughing and smiling, are just like breathing, for I soon forget I was sad. It is definitely not a cover up, it is my natural self.
I liked the twist which Rachna had introduced and I would like to add/ ask something to all of you:

What is secret of your success?

I want an answer from all bloggers to this question.

Whenever I am asked this question, I always say, for me,  it  is Reiki, Fitness and Positive attitude towards life.

Now  the 5  bloggers whom I am passing on this Award are:

1. Emmy : emmy36459.blogspot.com

She is  a young  innocent, sweet girl, who writes very beautifully, go say hello to her.

2. Kala : kalapohl.blogspot.com

She is an artist, a writer, a beautiful jewelry  designer, and has become a very good friend, visit her blog, you would love it.

3. Mohamad Mughal : mohamedmughal.blogspot.com

A very interesting personality, he is basically a Chemical Engineer, and is also an American writer whose fiction falls under the rubrics of literary cubism and absurdism.  I feel to know him, you better go to Wikipedia, for I am too unequipped to describe him.
I really like the way he writes, I am sure you too would find his writings very interesting and thought provoking.
I still can't believe he was my first and only follower for quite some time.

4. K.Parthasarathy : http://kpsarathi.blogspot.com

A recent friend and a very good writer, I am sure many of you may already be knowing him.

5. Joseph : pulikotilthomasjoseph.blogspot.com

I always liked Joseph very much, his photography, he writes about Churches, about his childhood, youth and generally about everything. What I really appreciate about him is that his comments are always genuine, not made up by reading just other people's comments.
I was lucky to be followed by him in my early stages of blogging. People like him are truly inspiring, and their comments are really encouraging.
His pictures are always a feast to the eyes, go have a look at them.


I thank all my blogger friends, for always  being there for me.

And I also request you to pass this award to other bloggers too.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dance of Democracy

India witnessed the greatest dance of democracy: WOW!!! it was so beautiful, full of passion, determination, and the will,  to see that it reached a credible crescendo.  It was a dance of democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people of India.

And the person who choreographed this beautiful dance, was none other than the one and only Anna Hazare.
 It brought people from all walks of life without any distinction of caste, greed, age or money, it was enacted so beautifully, without any mistake, as all the participants had only one goal in their mind: the dance of democracy has to be successful, there was no place for violence, no forcible shutting down of establishment, no breaking of things or destruction, it was amazing, how people could  peacefully come together for a good cause and stay united till the end.
We the people of India are fortunate to be here and be a part this phenomenon. Everybody came without any force, bearing the heat and other discomforts, so that millions of Indians can live without suffocating in the grip of corruption.

They were certain critics of this movement, who were busy trying to sabotage things from happening, for these people had got used to talking over high coffee and  high tea and making immature statements without knowing the meaning of what they were saying: these are the type of people that one gets to see on page 3, and are definitely not meant for on page 1. (best to leave these type of people alone to wallow in their own cynicism).

The press to was there in full support of the happenings, and TimesNow, did a good job, by not getting attracted to covering the cricket on and off as other channels did, but stuck to their word and were  there with Anna  Hazare  every moment.

One could see small children too,  coming and spontaneously supporting the cause (not being tutored) airing their opinion about the movement. Same could be said of all the youngsters, some of them accepted the fact that they didn't know the reason or the meaning for the agitation in the beginning, but came any way, and now were fully aware of what is it they were fighting for, and were 100% supporting this man, whose ways reminded them of Mahatma Gandhi, about whom they had only read in the books. These youngsters were proud to be with the new age Gandhi and they were with him all the time instead of quietly breaking away when the IPL started. They were there to see that the ICL (Indian Corrupt League) was totally busted without any trace: they knew that this mission was more important.

It is a shame for our country, to have people going and watching games and  shame on the players too, for agreeing to play,  when the majority of Indians were out there praying and waiting anxiously, for the government to see the light and relent and give in to their legitimate demands.

It is not enough just saying we support Anna Hazare, like some of the actors and the so called page 3 people do, if you support Anna, then do everything in whatever little way you can,  and be a part of spreading the awareness around.
This dance has just begun, it has to clear and master a lot intricate moves, to  become a perfect dance, and we have to watch every step taken, for we cannot risk falling .........

 So,  be there always, watching, learning and perfecting this beautiful dance of democracy.
India cannot be sleeping all the while with the 'Chalta Hai', attitude, if you want to go to the next room you have take the required steps to move to that room, for the room will not come to you.

To quote the famous lines of Robert Frost with slight alteration:

India is lovely, rich, and deep,
But we have promises to keep,
And miles to go before we sleep,
And miles to go before we sleep....

Wake up India!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cooking up a blog

The guest speaker at our fortnightly Ladies Club meeting was exhorting women who work in the house (housewives) to demand their due share and remuneration for services rendered."I am just a housewife" need not be construed as a useless occupation, but as a substantial contribution to the running of the household — as worthy in many ways as a wage earner’s share of credit for the upkeep of the house.
   On reflection, I found it to be absolutely true . A time would soon come when society will accept and acknowledge the economic value of a woman’s contribution around the house.  Till then …….. well !
  The talk over, we broke up into small groups around the buffet table as usual, exchanging pleasantries and the inevitable gossip.
  Rita having recently lost her cook to a punjabi household was desperately seeking a replacement  and was urging Meena and Tara to redouble their efforts at finding one for her. With a glint in my eyes, I walked into their midst offering a possible solution. With eager faces and ears pricked , they pounced on me to come out with it. It amazes me always to see so many of my friends turning to me for help in finding domestic help, when I myself do not keep a cook, maid. driver, or a gardener ( I only have a husband, who does a bit of everything for me) .
See how he has a well trained look of a Chauffeur: he is my husband
"Rita", I said, "I will be your cook, if you will pay me a premium salary for my speciality cooking."
Though I went to all the cooking/ baking classes, it was my husband who baked this yummy pasta dish
  Rita’s response to my offer was unexpected  and was full of cold logic and sarcasam."No, Rama," she said . "You would cook us delectable palak paneer, puliodhere, avial, throw in lip- smacking chopsuey, conjure up spongy cakes, light – as- air souffles etc., etc. (They all know I have attended several cookery and baking classes). Both you and your menus will become very expensive for us. Your delicious cooking will make us hog and put on weight . Next, being a fitness fanatic, you will force us to take body- conditioning and aerobics lessons from you and make us pay for that also".
 Not to be broken in her train of thoughts, Rita continued, "while exercising, we might land up with sprains which you will volunteer to treat with Reiki at extra cost. "No Rama," she ended, "at this rate, my husband would be sailing forever ( he is in the merchant marine ) to pay for your innumerable services. You are way beyond our reach."
I am cheered up for at least I could cook up an interesting blog!!!
  Seeing me crestfallen,  Tara attempted to cheer me up saying I could always turn the conversation into an interesting blog.