Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dance of Democracy

India witnessed the greatest dance of democracy: WOW!!! it was so beautiful, full of passion, determination, and the will,  to see that it reached a credible crescendo.  It was a dance of democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people of India.

And the person who choreographed this beautiful dance, was none other than the one and only Anna Hazare.
 It brought people from all walks of life without any distinction of caste, greed, age or money, it was enacted so beautifully, without any mistake, as all the participants had only one goal in their mind: the dance of democracy has to be successful, there was no place for violence, no forcible shutting down of establishment, no breaking of things or destruction, it was amazing, how people could  peacefully come together for a good cause and stay united till the end.
We the people of India are fortunate to be here and be a part this phenomenon. Everybody came without any force, bearing the heat and other discomforts, so that millions of Indians can live without suffocating in the grip of corruption.

They were certain critics of this movement, who were busy trying to sabotage things from happening, for these people had got used to talking over high coffee and  high tea and making immature statements without knowing the meaning of what they were saying: these are the type of people that one gets to see on page 3, and are definitely not meant for on page 1. (best to leave these type of people alone to wallow in their own cynicism).

The press to was there in full support of the happenings, and TimesNow, did a good job, by not getting attracted to covering the cricket on and off as other channels did, but stuck to their word and were  there with Anna  Hazare  every moment.

One could see small children too,  coming and spontaneously supporting the cause (not being tutored) airing their opinion about the movement. Same could be said of all the youngsters, some of them accepted the fact that they didn't know the reason or the meaning for the agitation in the beginning, but came any way, and now were fully aware of what is it they were fighting for, and were 100% supporting this man, whose ways reminded them of Mahatma Gandhi, about whom they had only read in the books. These youngsters were proud to be with the new age Gandhi and they were with him all the time instead of quietly breaking away when the IPL started. They were there to see that the ICL (Indian Corrupt League) was totally busted without any trace: they knew that this mission was more important.

It is a shame for our country, to have people going and watching games and  shame on the players too, for agreeing to play,  when the majority of Indians were out there praying and waiting anxiously, for the government to see the light and relent and give in to their legitimate demands.

It is not enough just saying we support Anna Hazare, like some of the actors and the so called page 3 people do, if you support Anna, then do everything in whatever little way you can,  and be a part of spreading the awareness around.
This dance has just begun, it has to clear and master a lot intricate moves, to  become a perfect dance, and we have to watch every step taken, for we cannot risk falling .........

 So,  be there always, watching, learning and perfecting this beautiful dance of democracy.
India cannot be sleeping all the while with the 'Chalta Hai', attitude, if you want to go to the next room you have take the required steps to move to that room, for the room will not come to you.

To quote the famous lines of Robert Frost with slight alteration:

India is lovely, rich, and deep,
But we have promises to keep,
And miles to go before we sleep,
And miles to go before we sleep....

Wake up India!!!


  1. I hope the cynics have been converted and there is a little hope beginning to ignite in our hearts that sometimes the good is just so powerful that it needs to prove nothing to anyone. It just manages to achieve all by the power of being just, fair and good. Thanks Anna Hazare for providing an icon in the nation finding it increasing hard to have someone to look upto. I am very proud to be an Indian who has lived in this same country as you.

  2. I hope this situation gets better. I love being Indian. So proud of this powerful icon.

  3. Yes, Rachna and Saumya, these are things that makes me also feel very proud to be an Indian.
    And as you said Rachna, there is realy no need to prove anything to anybody, for truth doesn't need proof.

  4. A lot more distance to cover. But as they say it has started and fire has been lit now its up to us to keep this fire burning .. Hope we manage to do that ...

    We need to carry this torch to each and every town-village-Locality everywhere abroad ...

  5. Time and time again moments like this renew our faith and hope in humanity, doesn't it? I am indeed so proud of the people who felt "I can make a difference" in this situation. I truly believe that one person can change the world:):) Keep going...

  6. fully agree with you
    So, be there always, watching, learning and perfecting this beautiful dance of democracy.
    well written

  7. Jurney has just we must keep the same enthusiasm till it ends.

  8. Nice post.An awareness to a great malady has been created.As Renu put it, the journey has just started.Let us hope it culminates in a fool proof anti-corruption system to prevent,detect and punish errants speedily.I am sure the draft bill when approved by the committee would be available for the public to debate .

  9. Great post! :)
    Yes, this is something everybody can get behind no matter your religion, race, gender, or whatever. I can't understand why anybody would counter it. Well, I suppose those who benefit from corruption would.

  10. there is always great strength of truth hidden behind every fight,

    great sharing ,god bless dear,

  11. It is a great beginning and I am sure it will pick up momentum.. of course, the steps are to be taken by each one of us in our own small way. Great post Rama!

  12. Wow! How interesting to read about this from someone who is passionately involved. I wish your country well!

  13. I love your lines "dance of democracy and choreographed by Mr Anna of Kids's amazing!I wish I could be there too.I too feel sad about IPL.part..How's the craze this year for IPL? I s it still like the last years?

  14. Well written!

    Anna hazare has kick started, but for all
    those bills and laws I think each and every citizen of this country has a responsibility. this has to start from grass root level. If each of us refuse to tip( these tips are the seed of the big tree called corruption), refuse to offer bribe, donations, follow rules on road, in public, stop jumping queues and signals and for this to happen catch'em young is the mantra.

    Teach the same to kids and they will teach their elders.

    Hoping the movement will gain more momentum and reading newspaper becomes a pleasant experience.( it is sickening to read about the scams,scandals and corruption in the paper daily, it sends negative vibes).

  15. Thanks for your comments.I am unable to reply you as I have no email ID of yours

  16. Hats off to Anna Hazare for starting and keeping through this entire ordeal.

    Proud to be Indian.
    Comment posted by Geeta.

  17. Hi Rama. First time visitor to your blog. I do agree that the India Against Corruption Movement is a step in the right direction. I was myself present at Jantar Mantar when many of the demonstrations were taking place and as you say they were full of energy, hope and more importantly peaceful.

    However, I would like to add a word of caution. What Anna Hazare has managed to bring center stage is commendable. However, I think we should recognise him as a LEADER and not as a SAVIOUR. Let us not pin all our hopes on just one person (Like Sachin or Dhoni) and then feel let down when they show their human frailties. Let us also develop as leaders and add force to this movement.

  18. I can't think of a better cause to dance for.