Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Break From The Past: Australia!

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Here we come!!
 I had heard so much about this country. The biggest attraction lies in its natural beauty, so beautiful, that words  are simply not enough to describe its  awesome beauty.
 This was a Sydney based job, that suited someone like Chandran, who was looking to further a great  career.  However it also meant a lot of travelling , which he did not mind, and which of course bothered me a little.
  So off we hopped like two love stung Kangaroos to Australia.We settled in a beautiful beach house given to us by the company( for it was a senior post) in Sydney suburbs. The place given to us was stunning with its  beautiful view of the sea. The house was designed with spacious balconies opening out from the living room and from all the 3 bedrooms, giving us spectacular views of the sea The last time I saw something like that house was in the movie " Salaam Namaste".
I remember how the movie brought  back all the memories of my life in Australia, especially that house, though it did not really look the same, it was small compared to our house,  but the style, the big  bay windows  facing the sea, etc., really had me gushing out emotionally, like a broken dam, with  thoughts of the most beautiful moments in my life. Oh, why and how did things change so fast?
I had no answer.

  Coming here was like a second honeymoon for us.  Soon we were comfortably settled,  and were getting used to the Ozy lifestyle, their slang, their mannerism, their  laid  back attitude.
  Sydney, Australia's Olympic city, set on the beautiful Sydney Harbor, was a city where surprisingly people and events moved pretty fast, that, sometimes made me wonder, whether there really  was a city in a country as laid back as Australia, I was absolutely stunned. Its all embracing character,  history, superb waterways and heart-stopping buildings,  and the extremely jolly and helpful people, made this city a perfect place to settle down. It didn't take us long to feel totally at home here.
To think we were in the suburb, yet not very far from all the fun, and excitement of the city life. I simply loved our house very much, the 24 hours sound of the waves, the  beauty  of the waves, going to bed with the sound of the tranquil and soothing waves lulling us to sleep and waking up everyday to a spectacular sunrise. Can life be any better, I was blessed in every way, and I was grateful and very happy.

    Whenever Chandran got a break from his various assignments we were off exploring the city with all its wonderful sights. We traveled through the Harbor Bridge for a spectacular tour of the Blue Mountains, we saw the famous Three Sisters rock formation, and while we were there,.. I remember I started feeling giddy, and almost fainted.
  Chandran got worried, we were having such a wonderful time when I suddenly felt strange,  he insisted we return back  home immediately,  although I felt better after a little while, but still he would not listen. Soon this giddiness became a regular feature with me, and when we consulted the doctor, we were told,  we should be prepared to welcome a child into our lives.
    I was thrilled, so was Chandran, he celebrated it by treating me to a candle light dinner, cooked specially by him and the table set by the windows overlooking the  beautiful sea. He was very good in baking, and he had baked an upside down pineapple cake for me. He was a man with many talents.
 He was the one who taught me how to dance, initially I was kind of nervous and shy,  but soon I caught on with the steps for he was such a patient teacher.  I started to  enjoy moving and flowing gracefully with the music. We often put on the music and danced together, and let all our weariness leave us,  it was sheer bliss.
 That day too he put on my favorite music,  the cool breeze wafting through the open windows, the music and the soothing breeze, transporting us to another world as we danced and danced, till I felt so tired I could dance no more..... it was most memorable evening of my life.
 We soon found out that I was having twins. That really frightened me, how will I be able to look after twins was a question which kept bothering me a lot. But Chandran was not worried at all. He said if God has given us twins he would also give us the ability to look after them.  His patience and his constant guidance saw me through my delivery, and soon we had two screaming babies in our hands.
  Two healthy babies were enough to keep me fully occupied, and soon they grew up to be healthy boys, old enough for school. Four years later I was once again pregnant, and this time I really prayed for a girl, for the first time itself I was a little disappointed I did not have girls, at least one could have been a girl . So this time, I was eagerly looking forward to having a girl child. When the doctor asked me whether I would like to know the sex of the child, I said no, for I was sure it was going to be girl.  I had already selected the name, and waited with  lots of hope and enthusiasm
  However,  this time too we had a boy, and he looked at me so cutely, that I forgot that I wanted a girl. It was a sheer joy to be a mother again......girl or boy suddenly seemed irrelevant to me. 
 ( To be continued)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Break From The Past: The Wedding....

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Indeed, how satisfying it is to finally get what you want in life, to find one's soul mate.
 We were so happy with our decision, everything worked out well for us .Our parents, though initially were not so happy, but eventually came around  and gave us their blessings.
  We decided to have a simple court marriage, followed by a reception at my place. You see, we had a big house with a huge garden, perfect for an informal reception that we had planned. Ours being a joint - family with all my brothers and their families, my uncles and aunts and their children and my grand parents ----we all lived in this huge house we called our home.
 All of them were excited about the marriage, everyone pitching in to make it a memorable event for both of us.

 We left for Kashmir for our honeymoon.It was a dream come true for me,  for I always wanted to visit Kashmir that too with the person I loved. Chandran knew about it, and had it all planned. So here we were two newly weds on our way to romantic Kashmir. We stayed in a beautiful, luxurious, absolutely romantic houseboat. Later we left for one of  those skiing resorts. Here I had good fun learning to ski from an instructor. The gently graded ski slopes were perfect for a beginner like me.
 Oh ! I forgot to mention,we had a wonderful time rowing over the Dal Lake. It was all so romantic, I can still remember the warmth of his body, as I snuggled so close to him, as we rowed on and on and on...... romance was in the air..
If you asked me what temples and mosques we visited,  well,  I would say, none. Neither the temple or mosque really interested us, for we were blissfully unaware of all the mandatory  sight- seeing. The beautiful mountains,  the breath taking gardens, the serene lakes,  brought us closer and closer to each other,  that if we were to die we would have died in each others' arms.  Kashmir and love are made for each other just like Chandran and me.
 In short,  we had a really wonderful trip: a trip that I would always cherish and treasure in my heart. We came back from Kashmir drenched in love.
 Our lives moved on if it was not a reality ....but a dream, a dream filled with so much love, care and tenderness.
 Soon it was time for us to move to Australia.
( Sorry, if there are some mistakes, too busy to edit)
To be continued soon