Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beautiful Sunset At The Grand Canyon: Some Photographs

                    This photo was taken in the afternoon, and it has come out quite well!

I have often heard that Landscape photography is a rather "slow" type of photography.
However it is strange this kind of photography contradicts itself, for it also means better hurry up and also wait.
For example when we set out to take a large panorama like the Grand Canyon, we know that the subject is not going anywhere, and we have all the time in the world to set up our camera, after finding the right angles and position ourselves and simply wait patiently. Our subject does not change here, but the light conditions change constantly throwing up beautiful hues of colors, and we have to hurry to catch them in our camera.

 So this is the so called,"Contradiction", where we also have to wait patiently and also hurry up simultaneously all at that very precise moment.
It can be fun doing this, especially in a place like Grand Canyon that too during sunrise and sunset.
We should not let our mind waver, seeing other people placed in other points and try to change positions often, that would totally ruin the whole purpose. Grand Canyon would look beautiful from any point it is so vast and beautiful and we can never go wrong, if we know what we are doing.

We must know that taking pictures in mid afternoon is a bad choice for light is going to be too harsh, and everything would look flat and lifeless, especially in a place like Grand Canyon. 

                                            These pictures were taken in the afternoon

Though we did take pictures of it in the afternoon too, for we were not sure whether we would come back to take pictures during the sunset. The pictures were OK, nothing great. The perfect time for such landscape photography, as we all know is only sunrise and sunset, as the atmosphere is cooler at this time, and it also brings a hue of colors playing around. Anything like the ocean, the mountains and the canyons, and other similar landscapes looks absolutely stunning in these times. The play of different colors changing every second  is by itself very fascinating to observe.

                        Dark clouds all of sudden: it even drizzled a bit and then there was sun
                                                  Click on the pictures to enlarge

Taking a photograph with the Rainbow behind is a bad idea, but I wanted it like that only, so both the rainbow and myself have not come out well.

All the pictures have been taken by my husband. He used to be a very good photographer once upon a time, however, after getting married to me, and my constant nagging to take photographs of me all the time has made him lose interest in photography. 
Now a days I keep practicing taking pictures  with the Nikon digital camera, (bought by him for me) I even take 'selfies'with that big camera. What to do when husband refuses, wife has to do it by herself only!

And also remember to carry your Tripod with you to get the best pictures. Now while travelling to many places it might be a little cumbersome to carry one, like we didn't carry it with us during our trip to the US, we just did the best we could without it. However, if your aim is to capture something in a professional way, and you would be travelling for that purpose only then, I am sure you would not leave without your Tripod.

Okay, photography is huge subject, and needs constant practice, everybody from professionals to amateurs click hundreds of pictures, and then select just a few good ones. Like everything it has some rules to be followed, but don't let rules stop you from taking a picture, which might turn out to be a masterpiece. With the coming of digital cameras it is no longer a big deal to take as many pictures as we want, and to keep on deleting the bad ones. Persistence is the name of the game.

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