Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poovar Island Resort: Kerala

We are just back from visiting this beautiful place. Our plan was only to have a nice peaceful holiday in Poovar Island Resort,  but since, Trivandram and Kanyakumari were so close by, we decided to visit them also, for we may not be coming this far to see these places again.
We landed in Trivandram, and we were immediately whisked away in a taxi arranged by the Resort to their Jetty. From there we were transported to Poovar Island Resort in a motor boat. It is a 15 minutes ride and it was very beautiful and relaxing.
There are 3 resorts on Poovar Island - 1. The Poovar Island Resort 2. Isola de Coco 3. Estuary Island Resort.  All the 3 resorts have their own boat services from the Jetty. If you have a reservation at any of the resorts the boat rides are free. Even if you do not have a reservation, you can go to the resort for a meal or a day trip, and use the boat services to the resort for a fee. All the trips taken by the people booked in any of the resorts are free. Of course there are set timings for the rides, if you are not  on time you would have to wait at the jetty where there are comfortable sofas and fan to make you feel totally relaxed.
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          Everyday we would take this 15 minutes ride reach the Resort or to go somewhere from the                                      Resort
                                                           The Floating cottages
All the beauties of Nature can be found in this one unique place: the river Neyyar empties into the sea here, and the estuary has the unique distinction of bringing together the river, the sea, the backwaters, a beach, all at one place. And the place is absolutely awesome with no disturbances from anyone, the place is all yours to enjoy.  The beach is just across the estuary, not even a minute away by boat ( but you have to take the boat). Spend the mornings and the evenings by the beach, watching the waves hit the shore with full force, sun bathe on the beach for as long as you like, or wait for the sunset as the evening sets in. We heard that Kovalam beach had become too crowded, where as this beach was absolutely peaceful. You can take the backwater cruise if you feel like and watch the sunrise.
However, Poovar is best known for its beautiful sunsets which can be seen from the resort itself, and for a different view you  nothing can beat the sunset by the sea.
                                                      the amazing sunsets
                                                   The ever crashing  waves
                                                 Or view the beautiful cloud formations
The staff at the resort are very friendly and helpful, The Breakfast is very good with lots variety thrown in to suit everybody. The resort is beautifully landscaped with  park benches, hammocks, swings, placed strategically, to watch the sunset, to enjoy nature in all its beauty.  They have free Yoga sessions in the mornings.  Other than that, they also have Aryurveda treatments and the usual spa etc,which are all very expensive.  There are quite a few floating cottages too, having breath taking views, however, I feel it would be very hot (although they are air conditioned) and always noisy with the motor boats taking people to and fro to the Jetty or to the beach close by. Also, these cottages don't really look so attractive when seen from close quarters, they definitely don't look as enticing as the ones seen  in Maldives/ Mauritius or any of the the five star resorts. I suppose when you pay good money you get good classy floating cottages too. But the ones available here it is not all that good. Husband says, all the floating cottages would look a little tacky only, and not to go by pictures, for they are mostly enhanced by using photo shop, and maybe there is some truth in what he says. Good thing we did not stay in one of them.
                                       The sunset seen  from the Resort near the floating cottages

sunset from the resort
                                                                     From the beach

                                    The swimming pool. The hammocks to relax and admire the beauty around


                              It was wonderful to see the sunset throwing different colors on different days  

                                                The tree behind me is a lovely fig tree.
I went alone to the beach and had to take a self photograph, not so good but okay with the sea and the sunset behind me, two of my favorite things.
 I hope I have not bored you people by posting so many sunset photographs.

44 rivers, a vast network of lakes, 1500 kms of labyrinthine canals, snake boat races, over 300 species of birds, floating markets... showcasing the magnificence of Kerala backwaters: travelers and nature lovers from across the world. do make it a point to visit Kerala. Here are some more pictures for you from Kerala Tourism::

I would be covering Trivandram and Kanyakumari later on.