Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Award: The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

This award was given to me by my very dear blogger friend Rachna http://rachnaparmar.com

Thank you Rachna, it is a pleasure. Sorry for the delay in collecting it.

Now 7 honest things about myself:

1. Having tried various methods of exercising, I discovered that Aerobics was the thing for me and that is what I have been doing for the last 15 years or so.
 I am totally addicted to fitness, and it never bores me,  and I feel bad on the days I have to skip it. I have a pedometer, which is another addiction, for I have to log minimum  fifteen thousand to maximum twenty thousand steps per day. (despite, all my efforts, I am  still carrying weight where I don't want : it reminds me painfully that, being in the early 50s maybe fun, but it has its own disadvantages, for I cannot fight the battle of the bulge and be a winner all the time.)

2. I suffer from OCD. (obsessive compulsive disorder)
I am always bugged when our house is not as clean and neat as I would like it to be, or when things are not as I want them to be. I somehow feel I am too fussy about certain things. However, I am working on it and soon I would not let little things bother me.
I also want to add, although I blog, I am always stuck at some place or other for I think this lack of proper knowledge of Internet really boggs me down, there are times I really don't know where to go for help, even googling doesn't help sometimes. I know I am a slow learner, for even when people are willing to patiently help me I don't easily understand, for some things are beyond my comprehension. I wish I could find some way to over come these irritants.

3. I am always very frank, and I never take injustice done to me or others, without fighting back.

4. Being a Reiki Practitioner/ Teacher, I am being made aware of all my negative points, and I am changing as much as possible. I realize that merely being a teacher does not make a person an expert, for I too, have to keep changing to evolve into a better person. I appreciate many things in people and have no hesitation telling them, even if they are the sort of people I don't generally get along.

5. I have many goals and I intend to reach them before it is too late. The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary.

6. I always have a plan before embarking into anything, as it saves me lot of time and the job is also well done without any tension.

7. I do get depressed sometimes, but I just can't remain depressed for long, for to me laughing and smiling, are just like breathing, for I soon forget I was sad. It is definitely not a cover up, it is my natural self.
I liked the twist which Rachna had introduced and I would like to add/ ask something to all of you:

What is secret of your success?

I want an answer from all bloggers to this question.

Whenever I am asked this question, I always say, for me,  it  is Reiki, Fitness and Positive attitude towards life.

Now  the 5  bloggers whom I am passing on this Award are:

1. Emmy : emmy36459.blogspot.com

She is  a young  innocent, sweet girl, who writes very beautifully, go say hello to her.

2. Kala : kalapohl.blogspot.com

She is an artist, a writer, a beautiful jewelry  designer, and has become a very good friend, visit her blog, you would love it.

3. Mohamad Mughal : mohamedmughal.blogspot.com

A very interesting personality, he is basically a Chemical Engineer, and is also an American writer whose fiction falls under the rubrics of literary cubism and absurdism.  I feel to know him, you better go to Wikipedia, for I am too unequipped to describe him.
I really like the way he writes, I am sure you too would find his writings very interesting and thought provoking.
I still can't believe he was my first and only follower for quite some time.

4. K.Parthasarathy : http://kpsarathi.blogspot.com

A recent friend and a very good writer, I am sure many of you may already be knowing him.

5. Joseph : pulikotilthomasjoseph.blogspot.com

I always liked Joseph very much, his photography, he writes about Churches, about his childhood, youth and generally about everything. What I really appreciate about him is that his comments are always genuine, not made up by reading just other people's comments.
I was lucky to be followed by him in my early stages of blogging. People like him are truly inspiring, and their comments are really encouraging.
His pictures are always a feast to the eyes, go have a look at them.


I thank all my blogger friends, for always  being there for me.

And I also request you to pass this award to other bloggers too.


  1. Rama, thank you so much for the Award, what an honor:):)

  2. I always love reading such posts as it enables me to know my blogger friends better having never met each other in the real world. after reading this I feel i know you a little more rama we have no 5 in common :)

    will do the posts about my vacation soon have to sort through all the pics right now

  3. Congratulations!!
    Rama sad to say that #1, #2 and # 6 are certainly NOT things you and I have in common :D. But the rest, I am totally in agreement and that is pretty much how I run my life. Glad to see the award.


  4. Congrats on the award
    and the points are good , me and planning dont go together at all.. and i always get lost wherever i go :)

    and me frank too its better to tell the truth then make a excuse ..


  5. Congrats on your award!! Your blog is always such a joy to read :)

  6. Congratulations on award :)))) Good to more about you. But sad you did not give me the award (:

  7. Ha ha ha... How nice!! I like your facts.. I suffer from OCD as well.. *smiles*

  8. Now all I need is Anpu to say she is also OCD and I will start scratching my head to see if I am in the right set of friends. On the other hand, imagine what fun you will have in my house ;) when you come to visit. I will be guaranteed a spic and span totally organized house by the time you gals leave.


  9. Hi Rama,

    I am delighted and honored by your award.

    You have written about me in such glowing words and I want to tell you that I have grown three inches taller:):):)

    I always felt comments should be written honestly,sincerely and frankly. There were times when I upset some of my blogger friends by being frank and made them uncomfortable. Now I am a little bit more careful of what I write.After all every blogger deserves credit for what they write and we should always appreciate and encourage them. This means I had to change my style of writing comments to suit and appreciate the blogging friends. No doubt many are delighted and of course I am thrilled when they are happy.

    I greatly appreciate what you have written about me and to be honored by you is something very special which will cherish.

    Best wishes,

  10. hey friend...congratsss on your award...rachna did chose the right person for the award..best wishes

  11. Thanks Suchita. It is true we have not seen many of our friends in the real sense, yet we know so much about them. It is good to know that we have something in common.
    Saumaya, thank you.
    Kala, KP and Joseph you all deserve it, and I would be very happy if you could pass it on to people who deserve it and make them feel happy.
    Pat, come lets visit Mytri's house, together and shock her.
    Amrit thanks, Rachna's answer is valid here too.
    Bikram, glad to know we share some points too.
    Mytri, you are a very dear friend.

  12. Congratulations! good to know more about you. your smile always oozes positive energy. Inspiring.
    thank you for introducing your other blogger friends. they sure seem to be interesting! and I like the personal write up that you have posted about them. adds to the fun

  13. The secret to my success?? I am happy accepting things just the way they are:):)For me, life is always good!

  14. Hi Rama, nice award and well deserved! The secrete to my success? I would have to say Luck! I am a very lucky man and the harder I work the luckier I get!

  15. Dear Rama, great to know more about you. OCD and reiki...battle of the bulge...hahaha, you seem to be quite my opposite and i love that:)))Keep writing, good luck!

  16. OMG!! Wow Rama you gave an award to me?! :O I was not expecting this from anyone!! Thank you sooo much!! I Really Appreciate it!! Thank you :)

  17. Rama, congrats! I loved reading 7 things about you, and I will surely read the blogs of all those bloggers you've praised. The secret of my success -- a wonderful husband, a grounded family, and my own hard work and dedication :).

  18. Jerry, I am so happy you shared your secret of your success, it is true, I know how hard you work, how dedicated you are, there is actually no need for luck, your dedication is more than enough to make your life successful. Thank you.

    cloud nine: Even opposites attract, so I think that is good. It is good to have you as my friend.

    Emmy: expect this and more from life, I am sure life has many wonderful things for you, only thing is not to be distracted by meaningless things, and let the wonderful things pass by you.

    Rachna: I like your secret, and thanks for sharing it with us, nothing can beat hard work and dedication. I am glad we came to know each other through our blogs.

  19. My secret is people, people, people.... at work I surround myself with people who are better than me on my team, at home - I have a supporting family that lets me do whatever I want to pursue and personally I have a zest for life and I never never forget to count my blessings.

    Nice to know you a little more.

  20. hey dear heartiest congrats for award,
    and thank you so much for kind words god bless you and family

  21. congrats Rama!..you are lucky that excercise doesnt bore you..and the last point.I am also like that ..cant remain depressed for long.

    success is very difficult to define, I dont think that I am succesful.

  22. Thank you Geeta, for sharing the secret of your success. It is interesting to know, how people define success and their reasons behind them.
    baili, thanks a lot for stopping by despite the loss you are going through.
    Renu , think hard, for nobody can say they have not tasted success at some point in their life.

  23. Love your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!


  24. Rama!!! thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for your input on Mumbai! that's what I am worried about is the humidity and all. I lived in Orlando, FL for almost 2 an half years and I absolutely hated the weather because I am from up north in mid-west Minnesota and we have all 4 seasons which I love and appreciate it a lot more now. I've gotten used to the weather kind of now I am living in Chicago and when its humid here i don't feel its hot. But as like you and other said the weather is horrible there. I play outdoor sports and run outside a lot so I am worried I won't be able to handle the weather and not be able to do all that. Are you still living in India now or in states?

  25. Rama!

    What is secret of your success?

    My secret of my success is that looking back throughout all the years I've been through struggles, being happy, sad, trying to find ways around things to accomplished it. 3 words for me "never gave up". When I didn't have anyone by myself and cried myself to sleep for many nights or had no one to talk to I realized I am not alone there's god besides me and always have a positive energy to uplift myself. I never ever give up on where my heart is set out for. I feel so fortunate to succeed in all the things I've wanted so far in life. Yet I am more ready and prepared on what's out there next!

  26. Congrats Rama, on the award! OMG, lot of stuff I have in common with you, I cant believe that,:-)
    Well, success is a perception and to each individual, it means different. For me, to be able to forgive and forget, to be able to love some one that hates you is being a successful human..my guru is behind my secret of success :-)

  27. Linhy:Thanks for sharing your secret for success. Tears are not signs of weakness as some would say, it is a kind of release of all the pent up emotions. We often hear people say don't wallow in self pity, actually they are wrong, we have to pity for ourselves, once we have let the tears of self pity out , we come out fully recharged with new energy to tackle our so called problems and rise up to the challenge. If we were to suppress our feeling then we would only give way to disease in our body, for when something suppressed, it is always manifested in some kind of disease in our physical body, so it is better to let out through tears,it not only cleanses us physically but also mentally.
    Having faith in oneself is the best way to succeed.

    Padmaja:It would have been unbelievable if you had not a single thing in common, it good to know all women have many things in common. I like your perception. Waiting to meet you soon in person.

  28. Rama! Very true!!!!! Every time I shed in tears it makes me more focus and more stronger then afterwards. I was reading a women health magazine not to long ago about why us females cry.
    It pretty much describe for some people it makes them see the clearer picture after crying/tears and they are so much more determine. I believe in never holding back feelings must embrace it all the stuff.

  29. Rama, congratulations on your Award. You are a deserving recipient.
    I too taught aerobics for 10 years and loved every moment of it.
    I could be accused of having OCD although my daughter [Social Work Degree] assures me I do not as I do not obsess. I have always taken great pride in keeping 'things' in order. I have the philosophy 'a place for everything, and everything in its place.'
    My current definition of my success is being able to accept my disability and prognosis, using my experience to inspire others to 'BE' their best.

  30. Chez, I am so glad to see you here after a long time.
    I can see the break has done a lot of good to you.
    To be in a family where no one is all that bothered with the philosophy "a place for everything, and everything in its place", anybody can succumb to OCD.
    It is so nice to know you were also teaching Aerobics, wow! we do have quite a few things in common.
    I really admire your strength, and determination, and you are an inspiration to me and others too.
    Thank you Chez.

  31. well for me it would be my ability to focus on what I want and doing my utmost to achieve it and my indomitable spirit

  32. The secret of my success would be self belief, focus and my supportive family

  33. Thank you aspiringskinny, and Shuchita for sharing this us.
    It is true indomitable spirit, being a go getter is the key to success.
    And the most important thing is self belief as you have rightly said Shuchita.
    Thanks, I am really liking the responses, I am getting for my question.

  34. Congratulations! I lived in New Delhi for 5 years and I'm crazy about Indian food. I love the picture of you near the sea. I'm following you from Trapani, Sicily...we have lovely beaches here too. We have San Vito beach, which is sometimes called the "Goa" of Sicily:)

  35. You are such an inspiring person! My mom is a reiki master and she too has found teaching and giving reiki to be helpful and healing for her. So very neat to learn a little about you. Yo are well on your way to success! Thank you for your sweet words over on my blog. Hope we visit again soon.

  36. Ciccia: So glad to meet you from Trapani Sicily.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, it is always a pleasure to have new friends. Good to know you have lived in our country, in Delhi for so many years, and liked our food, and have beaches like Goa in Sicily: interesting.
    The header picture which you liked was taken during the 17 Mile Drive which is a scenic road through Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, California, United States.
    I just love the sea, and would love to live near a calm, uncrowded beach.

    Welcome to my blog Julia, I am glad we are friends, and we will surely visit each other as we update. It is nice to know about your mother too.

    Thank you.

  37. Congratulations on your award! :-)

  38. It's nice to read so many interesting facts about you rama,many of them match with me too like point no 2 and 3 .Congrats on your award.