Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Special!

Today, again, I am left with only memories of my mother. It has been almost 24 years since my mother passed away. Last year in December, I lost my father too at the ripe age of 94. Two lovely people, who loved us unconditionally. If you have been following my blogs I am sure you must have read many stories and anecdotes, about my mother and my father. I don't want to repeat myself again. Memories are always there, but during such special days, they come out as if some dam has been broken, and they just tumble out relentlessly.

Keeping my thoughts to myself, I just share this with all of you

My mother wore this beautiful saree for my wedding. It was actually a nine yard saree. She always loved green and red combination, she even had a beautiful green and red Mysore silk saree too. After she passed away, each of us took a few sarees of hers. I took this saree as I knew she loved it very much. It had worn out in some places so I made it into a 6 yards saree.

How I wish there was a clear picture of this saree worn by her during my wedding.

Whenever I wear it, I feel as if I am enveloped with her extraordinary love for life, and her zest of enjoying every bit of life. She didn't have great desires, only small ones, and little things were enough to make her feel very happy and blessed. Despite going through many ups and downs in her life she was never grumpy, for her cheerful nature and her beautiful smile never left her.

Mother's Day Special!!


  1. You and your mom are very pretty. Happy Mother's Day.

    1. Thank you SG, for your lovely compliment.

  2. She looks very graceful, Rama! The saree is beautiful on you! Mothers are always special!

  3. Very nicely written Rama. That also reminded me of my early life at Besant Nagar. Was very disturbed when I heard about foray of perippa thanks to dementia and a sigh of relief when he was reached home by some good Samaritans. Excellent parents you had.Ashok

  4. When you describe your mother i feel as if u r describing mine.

  5. You look so pretty in this saree..mothers are always special for most of the people, but i have seen some who hardly care for their daughters.

  6. Such a beautiful thought and gesture behind choosing that saree Rama. I am sure it is the best way to feel her presence even though she is not physically present

  7. 'Amma=mother' this is the most unselfish word in the world, may it be flora or fauna.The young ones flourish under motherhood.Your words are good enough to instill in readers'minds more affection towards the mother,Rama.