Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Halwa Poori and what not.......

Pooris come with many yummy combinations. In some states in India it is served with Geela/ rasdar Potato bahji with tomatoes and peas in, some places they serve it with semi dry potato bahji like in West Bengal or they are even crazy about potato Posto and Allo dhum and they serve poories or luchies, as t is known in Bengal, with these combinations. Below is the picture of Allo Posto a poppy seed paste slightly dry gravy curry of Bengal

Come to Maharashtra, you would find people loving it with different kinds of Srikands, mango, cardamom, saffron, pista you name it you have it. (No  pictures)

Come down south, in states like Karnataka, you would find it being served with Pallaya, a kind of mild kurma kind of concoction, and also it would come with some green mint or coriander chutney as extras. (I don't have pictures of the Karnataka style Poori Bhaji)

 Further down, when you come to Tamil Nadu, you would find the best Poori Masala, the aroma wafting through the packet (if you plan to pack it) which is made of Banana leaves, oofh, you won't even have the patience to wait to get home to gobble it down, it is that yummy!
The masala is nothing but the potato masala filling  of Masala Dosa, if you ask me which is best combination, I would give Poori Masala of TN the number 1 position.
Our very own Poori Masala of TN

Okay , now there  is another version also, which Halwa Poori, which is usually made in North Indian for some Pooja, and this is given as a prasad to young girls. This combo too is quite yummy.
It is not just poori and halwa it is also comes along with some yummy dry channa baaji.
I read this somewhere in FB, "Nani ke ghar jayenge! Halwa poori khayenge!! Mote hoke aayenge!!!", and immediately I was reminded of the days long ago, when I was young, our North Indian neighbors used to call me for their special pooja and serve me and my other friends this as prasad.
Sadly, now neither do I have any Nannies (grandmas) alive, nor can I afford to be more moti, but since I had to relive those moments from the past, I decided to make this combo today.
Of course, past is past one cannot recreate it however much we try, but still......no harm in trying to recreate as much as possible.

The Punjabi's also love the combo of  Kadhu Wala Poori, (yellow pumpkin) here is the picture:
And their favorite is also Channa with Poori:
BTW all these dishes were made by me sometime or other.

Seeing all these pictures I am sure many of you are feeling really crazy with hunger, my choice as stated above  is Poori Masala anytime, what is your choice?


  1. It is 9 PM. I am cooking myself due to my fate. Why do I have to read your blog post at this time. You made me more hungry. You made me home sick for the TN restaurant's Poori Masala (and Rava Dosai).

    I know Halwa Poori is popular in North India. But it is "world famous" in Karachi, Pakistan. But again, they are our offshoot.

  2. It all looks so good! You are invited to my house any time! We will share food!

  3. I love poori masaal of our Tamilnaadu. But cook it very rarely because of the diet problem!

    Your photos have tempted me. Must do this weekend.

  4. my favourite - poori bhaaji.
    you have captured the pics of the different varieties beautifully. mouth-watering :)

  5. right I am coming over to have some of thattt... :) looks so yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  6. Poori bhaji is the favourite of all I suppose, but I love to have it with Shrikant.

  7. Happy Anant Chaturdashi

  8. Makes me want to have a plate of that right away!

  9. Thanks everybody for your lovely feed backs on this post.
    If health and oil were not an issue we would all like to have poories with any combination.