Saturday, April 15, 2017

Message In A Bottle: a beautiful movie

I happened to see this movie once again when it was today on TV.
It is such a feel good movie, although the ending was really sad and very moving.
It  is a very simple story : A woman finds a bottle washed ashore with a message in it and it interests her so much, that she decides to find the man, and finds him too.
She goes to the place where he lives and finds out that he is ship builder who had lost his wife under very tragic circumstances. He loves his wife, who is no more so much that,he cannot think of moving on in his life. He is stuck with her memories.
When this lady from Chicago comes to meet him, there is mutual spark between them, and they both fall in love with each other. However, when taking a decision, he backs to because his love for his wife pulls him away.
The lady from Chicago goes away, for she could understand his feelings for his dead wife.
Few months later, he decides to tear himself from the past, and sails into the future with lots of hope and love. He sails in his new boat to windy Chicago to start a new life with his new love, but unfortunately, he dies saving somebody from drowning.
The actors Kevin Costner, Robin Wright, and Paul Newman, did their job brilliantly. What I like about these English movies is that there is no high pitched drama, one can feel each of the character's emotion fully.  One can feel it as if one is actually going through the pain, the love, the helplessness, the dilemma. It was really a very touching movie.
Most stories  written by Nicholas Sparks, have such sad endings, at least the ones I have seen.
The Notebook, Nights In Rodanthe,  and many others written by him are really heart wrenching

Sometimes it is so difficult to let go the past, some people do get over their past and move on to new happiness, but there are those for whom it  is simply not possible.
I have an aunt (actually she is my husband's aunt), who lost her husband after being married to him for 44 years. They had 3 children and were very happy together. My uncle had lots of health issues as he grew older, but still he asked her to lead her life the way she always did, and never bugged her to stay constantly looking after him. He told her that it is enough  for one person to be sick, it is necessary for both of them to be sick. He was a wonderful person.
One day he died, and our aunt felt totally alone with no one to share her thoughts  with. Two years passed by, when one day she met a man who was a retired Naval Commodore, and a widower. They met through common friends regarding some transactions. Slowly they started communicating with each  other more often, till one day he proposed and really shocked her.
He  also had two married daughters with children, and he was also lonely  without his wife, whom he had lost when he was very young. With some persuasion, my aunt finally said  yes to him, not without lot of hiccups from her children and some narrow minded relatives.
To make a long story short , she did marry him, and found love again in her life, and he too found happiness after many years of living alone.
Our aunt was a trend setter. She was 67 years old when she got married again, to a man of the same age.
They are happily married and it is going  to be almost 8 years now. The children also came around and everybody is happy, that two good people had found love again.
How many people can find true love twice in their lives : these people found it and surely, we all feel so happy for them.
And I am sure their respective spouses too feel happy watching the loves of their lives happy again.
In this new year (for many it is new year now in India), let us let go of the past, every aspect of it, and open our arms to new happiness and new life with new meaning.


  1. I will watch that movie when I come across it again!

    Your aunt is great! It is better to start a new life, if possible, again at any age instead of drowning in sorrow through the remaining life. But our heart and mind should agree to it. It is not easy. She is really great and their children too! Great!

    1. Yes Sandhyq, it may not be for everybody. However, when the mind feels something is right one should not allow society , children or anybody for that matter to make us back out for the situation. It is not that everybody gets a second chance in , and when one gets it, one should grab it. People would say many things for they are so narrow minded, and when one needs help nobody would be there to help. Thank you Sandhya.

  2. beautiful post! I will watch that movie I think. For most people in India marriage can take place only in a a particular age gap that is from 24-33 years and after that people do not take it that sportingly. Your aunt has crushed that mould and she has set an example! nice :)

  3. That's a wonderful story...I mean your aunt's. To find true love ..Again...At that age...In those circumstances....That's rare and she is blessed. Always feels good to hear of real life stories of ensuring companionship

  4. I have read this book and cant agree with you more... It left me with a bitter sweet feeling actually!

  5. havent seen it,..One of the person known to me started living with a widow both in their sixties..but they didnt marry because both were extremely wealthy and it would have created problems of property among children.

  6. Much moving story,life takes its course as predetermined.

  7. Lovely Rama! The real I've story is really fascinating and tells so much about finding happiness for which people keep looking!