Sunday, December 23, 2012

Break From The Past: the break ( Part 7)

There he was!  
I had to catch my breath for he was looking so handsome: nobody would believe he was 60, he looked like a 40 or 45 year old man, very successful and confident in  life--- I could almost feel myself melting, like a burning candle, just watching him. He was there right  in front of me, I felt like running to him and hugging him, showering him with kisses and wishing him, but I why was I hesitant, what was stopping me,  why and from where had this awkward distance  come between us?
I had slogged the whole day  in the kitchen, all the while, thinking tender and loving thoughts about him, reliving in my mind the wonderful life we had led, the unflinching love that we thought would never go sour. Where had all that love gone... why can't he be the one to come and hug me and be the one to break the ice, oh God, why not him?
Okay, I told to myself, I could be the  one to break the ice, for in love there can be no competition, there was no place for 'ego" to stand as a wall between us, and I was determined to make this a very happy occasion for both of us. Although, he looked good there was something bothering him always, and I knew it was his work, it was taking a toll on him and on our relationship. I was confident that a little TLC was what he needed: I must somehow make him loosen up and kiss away all his worries, provided if he would only let me..
 He seemed to be in a good mood, but only for a second, for as soon as he saw me watching that awful serial, (The B & B) I could see his expression change, a little too soon,  into disgust. Then his eyes fell on the Champagne bottle chilling in the ice- tub, the elegantly set table, the expensive crockery, and then he turned to look at me, sitting all decked up, as if for a party….then he  just went  rushing towards  the TV and punched the buttons in a fit of anger, and  before I could even open my mouth, he slapped me!
 I could hardly believe what had just happened …… he had the audacity to slap me….. me -- for no apparent reason. In all these years he had never done  such a thing, what had come over him all of a sudden?
 Then he started his usual taunts and verbal abuses, and before I could even comprehend the meaningless  nonsense, he went to the dining table, picked up the Champagne bottle and smashed it on the floor. “This is my house",  he shouted, “knowing very well how I detest such idiotic serials, you never stop watching them day after day”,  he growled at me. “What is this nonsense going on in this house --- a party for your dancing students, behind my back is it?”
 I didn't bother to answer him….leaving him yelling there,  I quietly walked up the stairs to our room. I was not afraid of him, I could have stood and fought with him, I could have also taken some glasses and thrown at him, but : I did not want to stoop to his level. I felt there was no point in arguing about our miserable situation, the dreaded " Break" was staring right on my face, I had to accept it, with whatever dignity that was still left in me.  I felt so humiliated, I had such positive thoughts about us, and,  how confident I had felt just a few seconds ago: only to get slapped and insulted by him for no reason at all..
I quickly threw some clothes and a few other things that came to hand into a suitcase, and came down.  I said, “I am leaving you Chandran, I can no longer take this kind of behavior from you. Something is wrong with you, and it is time you did something about it, I am never going to come back”.  
I could still feel the sting on my cheek where he had hit me : tears welled up in my eyes, ready to burst out.  I looked at Chandran, and turned round to take one last look at our house which held so many good memories, and stepped out of the door..... forever....
(To be continued)


  1. Rama, it is almost Christmas Eve! Chandran did NOT hit you! Now I know this is a story!

  2. I wanted to write a story exactly like this :)

  3. jahid,Stonepost and Latha:
    Merry Christmas to all of you!
    Jahid, it is not my story.
    Jerry, whether it is Christmas eve or not, it is still only a story.
    Latha,I am waiting for the story.
    Thanks everybody.

  4. till now i thought you are telling us your life, but now I know that it is a story..very well written...

  5. Replies
    1. It is not the usual other woman story.
      Thanks Anil.

  6. Oh, felt very heavy and sad.. I think she did the right thing by walking out because no amount of love, reasoning or anything else would have made the man realize his mistake. Hope you make him come around.. great read, rock on!

    1. Yes, padmaja she did the right thing,sometimes such decisions are tough, and one has to have the strength of character to do so.
      Thanks for following the story.

  7. OMG!! Is this your story?? I am having doubts!! :|

  8. It is not Shilpa.
    Thanks for your back to back comments.

  9. Part 2 .. jaldi jaldi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

    i am intrigued now , knowing that is not ur story


  10. What a fateful turn of events and so vividly captured in words Rama:) Best wishes for the New Year!!

  11. You are a good narrator, Rama! Will start reading your other stories too!

  12. You had courage, considering you a character in your story:) Good for you!

  13. good sequential flow of words, rama:)