Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aghori : Indian Comic With A Difference

Aghori Launch at the Comic.con Bangalore:

                    With my daughter Mathanki

                      Ram V And Vivek Goel

Today is the second and final day.
The crowd that was seen yesterday was mind blowing.
There are so many stalls, people showcasing so many varieties of Comics/ Art and what not, parents with their children, young adults, college students, grand parents every, body jostling along to have a look at the various display of books, taking part in the quiz, having discussions with the new authors etc.
We are all very happy to see the happy, satisfied faces of the participants.
They are an inspiration to all the youngsters.
They hope to see more sales today, and are a tiny bit worried, that they may not have enough comic books to cater to the demand, but anyway they are a happy lot ( to see such a positive response and demand)
The trailer made by Palash Vaswani got an awesome response.

Here is Ram V: Bangalore Comic Con - Stall B4 - Dark Magic, Bearded Heroes, Robots, Chickens, Zombies, Ninjas and any combination of the above - discussions welcome ( Also - Pirates! ) - All Bangalorians, see you there!!

Drop in at the Koramangala Indoor Stadium to pick up your signed copy;-)


  1. Wow!, the spirit and energy of the young team is beautifully captured. Way to go, guys!! Best wishes

  2. I love the passion they have and with passion, we do things differently, we achieve and we bring meaning to our life, convey my congrats to Ram and Mathanki for all the support she is showing!

  3. Thank you Sudha, Asha and padmaja.

  4. Fascinating. Congrats and good luck.
    Something new, different - creative mind has always a place!

  5. heartiest congrats to the whole team.. and well done


  6. Congratulations and my best wishes for the future too.