Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aghori trailer - Comic from HCE

Written by Ram V ( our son in law)
It is mind blowing, stunning, simply awesome : watch and enjoy.
Hats off to the whole team.


  1. I like the start how do u save the world .. and i liked the way its recorded in sketches and black and white gives more impression..

    and very true one soul at a time

    lovely ad , best wishes to Ram V and the rest of the team


  2. Very unique animation format. Looks so real like the water drop falling on the photo.

    Best wishes to Ram V and his team.

  3. Lovely job and beautiful sketches Rama, my congrats to Ram!

  4. Looks good and sounds too. The audio gelled well. Gave the feel of the Avtar trailer. Good luck to your son in law.

  5. Thanks everybody for watching this short video clip. They are all youngsters with tremendous talent, and I wish more and more people would move from their comfort zone, and explore their real talents, and dare to be different.

  6. ya..Best wishes to Ram V and his team..and thanks rama ji..