Sunday, August 12, 2012


        A Brief Introduction:

Ramnarayan Venkatesan ( Ram V) became our Son in law when he married our daughter
Puja ( Mathanki) in May of 2009. Ram, a Chemical Engineer by training ( M.S – U Penn, Philadelphia – 2008) on returning home joined his family business of catalysts and
specialty chemicals for use in the petroleum, fertilizer, steel industry etc.

Ram is a person of many parts and talents. He is an artist and does beautiful sketches with
pencil and the brush pen :

Ram is a musician - plays the guitar, plays the tabla and can hold his own with any
good musical band. Ram is an inveterate movie addict, and unlike most of us casual
moviegoers, can dissect the work into its many components – technical, cultural, moral,
artistic and other attributes. A voracious reader, Ram is knowledgeable on subjects that
you and I might think to be obscure and have little time for.

Writing is what Ram is most passionate about. His short stories grip you with an uneasy
sense of fear and foreboding with a hint of the horror yet to unfold, leaving the rest to
your now fully aroused imagination.

Ram got his big opportunity when Holy Cow Entertainment ( HCE) , a premier Indian
Publisher of comic books and graphic novels for readers of today, signed him up to write
for a comic book series - the Aghori

The First volume of the Aghori will be formally released at the Comic Con event in
Bangalore on Sept. 8 & 9 at the Koramangala Indoor stadium.

More about Aghori and where it is available :

at Homeshop 18 here

@ Flipkart

and @ infibeam

So Aghoris spread the word! Share, Tweet, Blog - The Aghori arrives - September ( Launches at the B'lore Comic Con!)

Pencilled by Vivek Goel and Painted by Anirudh Sainath
To know more about the meaning of Aghori, you can go to Wikipedia.


  1. Congratulations to him. He sounds very talented.

  2. congratulations and it must be feeling wonderful to have such a talented SIL :)

    1. Thanks Sudha. It is indeed a wonderful feeling.

  3. Hmm, that is multifaceted son-in-law.
    Good luck to him and your daughter.

  4. Good luck to him in this venture and like the rest of his talents, let this one bring the best in store for him :)

  5. Great to know about his new venture...wishing him luck and let this bring the best in store for him :)

  6. wow...a multi-talented personality, i must say.....
    Congratulations and good luck to him:)

  7. Rama, lucky are you to have a gifted multifaceted SIL. Best wishes!!

  8. Versatile seems an understatement with so much talent in him.May these get well deserved recognition.
    Best wishes.

  9. Thanks a lot for your wishes:
    and KP.

  10. congrats and all the best .. the sketches look lovely is that lady croft in the first one and the last one I forgot the name , I saw the movie too :(


  11. Convey my hearty congrats to him, very talented he is, his unique style speaks volumes Rama!

  12. Good luck to him and he is really talented. I remember the pictures you had shared earlier of him and your daughter! Such a lovely couple. I will try to catch hold of the book!

  13. Bikram, Asha, Padmaja, Rachna : thanks everybody for your wishes


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    By kiruthi ka on Ann Arbor Michigan on 8/15/12

  15. I don't know what happened to your comment, it has not been published, although it says it is published. Anyway, I copied and pasted it here. Thank you Kruthi ka for your compliment.

  16. Wow...very versatile person, Rama. Good luck with the book:)

  17. What a versatile person.
    Like those in Black & White.

    1. Yes, He is a versatile person. Thanks for dropping by.

  18. Excellent drawings, convey my wishes to him

    1. Thanks, Weekend-Windup.
      Welcome to my blogs!

  19. He seems very talented. Congratulations!