Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Face, Neck Exercises and Ancient Chinese Detox Massage

Some time back I was browsing through the net and came across some very interesting, scientific face and neck exercises that we can follow along. These exercises are specifically designed to set right all the trouble spots. I will not bore you with the details, as you would know what they are, when you watch the videos.
Then I also came across an ancient Chinese Massage of the face and the neck which one should do twice a day, and this is also very easy to follow, and it just takes about 5 minutes, to release all the toxins from our face and neck and give us that youthful face and neck we all yearn for.
This again we can follow along with the person who is demonstrating them.
Maybe, these are some people who would say, they would like to age naturally. well as for me and I know majority of the people would like to age beautifully, without falling prey to wrinkles, flabby skin hanging, double chin etc.
We cannot prevent aging, however we can look ten years younger than our biological age by exercising the various parts of our body to keep ourselves healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually.
So to all those people who think like me, here are the two videos:

These exercises are meant both for men and women, so go along just do it !! When you start seeing results you would be happy you have got something , which you can always  follow.


  1. oh yes , recently i had to go for physio and she was also telling me how important is to do some exercises as if we lose something its gone ..


  2. I thoroughly enjoy my fitness regime time. I was with a studio which had pilates, poweryoga, aerodance and kickboxing.
    Now i have enrolled myself in a yoga spa where we do traditional and power vinyasa yoga.

    Enjoy the exercises thorougly, will add the simple ones in the above videos to my list. But when i do in a group i maintain some discipline. When i try to do it alone, i just give it a miss.

  3. I like your new header!

    Thanks for sharing these exercises with us. I need more exercise, I know, but I manage somehow to skip it...

  4. This time I spent a lot of time with my grandson and lost 2 kgs:)..this was the best exercise i had:)

  5. Great tip! Nice to age without much wrinkles :-)

  6. Nice exercises, exercising definitely is so important to keep the body going. Considering what we subject it to every day, we really need to put in some effort to find that little time to take care of it. You really have a very nice blog and such lovely picks..loved ur little lab. Labs are such cutie pies and they become so much a part of the house in no time.

  7. Thanks everybody for your comments. I am glad that, some people have found it useful.

  8. Coincidentally I did read about the same massages a few days back. I just tried it for a day and then you know somehow abandoned it. But as always I remembered reading that we would have to keep doing it continuously to be able to see some results and that the results would take their own time, but it would make a difference.