Saturday, July 9, 2011

Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow (Subtitiles)

I recently heard this beautiful song, literally being murdered by a young woman  who sang it in such a horrible way, that I had to run back and listen to the original song sung so beautifully by Judy Garland.
It is one of my favorite songs and I am sure it is yours too.
I don't why people like to cultivate an artificially booming voice, when their own voice is not like that.
Shubha Mudhgal,  the Indian Hindustani classical singer has a booming voice because she was born with it, and it suits the type of song she sings, similarly many Africans and African Americans have that kind of voice and  it suits the type of songs they choose to sing..
However it was too much,  listening to this young lady, who doesn't even have the body to carry such  a voice, singing this beautiful and ethereally soft song in a booming voice, it  just didn't sound right. Because it was obviously a put up voice, even the words of the song were  not clear.

Otherwise  the music concert of drums, harmonica, guitar, and flute was excellent.

Have you ever heard some one sing a beautiful song , which you loved in a voice totally not suited for that particular song?
Did you ever feel like asking her/ him to stop?


  1. Yes i have heard one or two such people.'I will be over soon' is my mantra.Among celebrities i don't like listening to Shibani ,she has a shrieking voice .There is another new voice on TV who sings jingles ,mostly remixes of Usha Mangeshkar .Like you said ,she murders the song.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Amazing to listen to Judy, this is the first time i hear her. And i have come across many occasions on television shows where little ones boom in falsetto voices, totally damaging their vocal chords...I can't ask them to stop, so i simply hit the remote:)))

  3. I love this song and Judy...brings back good memories of my childhood:):) Yes, indeed, unfortunately I have heard so many people singing songs they shouldn't be singing:):)

  4. Oh yes, a very valid observation. I felt this way for many Chitra songs that she sung for AR Rehman in those Hindi-dubbed movies. That "minmin" voice was so bugging. There are many such singers whose inherent voice is not bad but just does not fit the song they sing.

  5. I agree that choosing a song that is suitable to one's voice is important to make a is probably the excitement and enthusiasm to sing that makes the singer not aware of the injustice done to the song.

  6. you find such people often especially in punjabi culture nowadays everyone and anyone is a singer there ... lovely songs but horrible voices ...


  7. Yes, Judy Garland is a classic in America. Surely you've seen "The Wizard of Oz". The classic movie from which the song originated. My mother always told me to play "Over the Rainbow" and "Ave Maria" at her funeral! Celine does a nice job of Ave here:
    I don't like to think about that, but I will honor her with those songs. Although, I think she would prefer the Beetovan version.

  8. Thanks for dropping by My Dream Canvas. I agree with you about the rates for Luna seas :-)