Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Enchanting Entrances

Glimpses Of Our House In Bangalore India.

These tiles were hand painted  by our daughter Mathanki

I bought this cast iron rooster bell for just 5 dollars  in an antique shop in the US
You have to pass our dog before you enter our house, but not to worry, she is very friendly and welcoming
Entrance to my husband's office and my Aerobics hall
This our kitchen window, from here I can see the main gate.

As soon as you enter our house you are greeted by these lovely flowers from our garden

The stairway leading to the rooms upstairs

This orange wall is visible as soon as you enter our house
We have an open dining, kitchen and living room, so all these areas are visible as soon as you enter, and you know what that means : I have to keep everything neat!
Did you like it?
This was the topic given by my friend Patrica of Colours Dekor, and I am linking this post to her "Enchanting Entrances": http://coloursdekor.blogspot.com/2011/07/in-spotlight-enchanting-entrances.html


  1. Every time I see your house, I am so drawn to it. No corner has been neglected, absolutely gorgeous. Next time I am in Bangalore, I have to see it in person Rama:):)

  2. I agree with Kala.Everytime its a different attraction , a different magic !
    Your house feels like an exotic place to be.You indeed have enchanting entrances..

  3. Rama, your home is beautiful. How much time has been given to make it such a showpiece? It must be wonderful for you to live in this exquisite home!
    You have excellent taste.
    Love always Chez xo

  4. I'm 100% with Kala. Love your home every time I see it.

  5. amazing .. beautiful lovely wonderful ..

    I am going to SELF invite myself there :) he he he


  6. That the house is fabulous is not the issue.But I wonder how much of time and energy it takes to Rama to maintain always this large house and larger garden in its original beauty and shape.That is the most arduous part.
    Hats off to you,Rama and your family.

  7. Well, i ought to gate crash once, Rama:P Now that i know ur pet is friendly...hehehe! Again, this is one amazing house i ever came across:)))

  8. The artistic tiles, the pots and pitchers, the flowers in the uruli, the terracotta tiles the beamed ceilings, the bell all spell warmth... and confirm that you are a connoisseur of art.

    Thanks for the virtual tour.

  9. aaawww.. you called me.. your friend.. Thank you!! so super sweet!! :-)

    You home is stunning... I totally love the first pic.. and the entrance way.. I love your home.. If ever I am in Blore.. I'll come visit you for sure!!

  10. Of course, it is always nice to see your home. As long as I am not the one keeping it neat and beautiful :). You do a great job, Rama!

  11. You are all welcome to my home.
    Regarding maintaining the house it is very easy as we don't have little children running around, so things remain as they are in their respective place. When my children were in school and college, and they were at home, with us it used to be a little difficult in maintaining the house.However since children are no longer here as they come once in a while things are fine. Garden too has less work because we have everything the way they were planted and someone comes and does a temporary garden job.
    You won't believe when I say, there is hardly anything to maintain or worry about, everything goes on systematically. The house just looks big that is all.
    And as i told you in one of my blogs,when little cranky / naughty children come, I make it a point to hide all the breakables away from their sight.
    It makes sense for they are also free and I am also free from tension.

  12. beautiful home Rama...really feel exotic...

  13. always loved ur house and garden.special mention here is for the bell on front door and pots near stairs.

  14. more i see ur home..more i fall in love with it

  15. Loved your lawn with the umbrella, nice place to sit and enjoy the greenery around.. the entrance to your husband's office looks very magical Rama!

  16. beautifull house and even nicer quote on the top

  17. You are very inspiring and motivating person Rama.Such great talents .Your home speaks a lot for you.Beautiful inside out .
    Sorry for my late visit .I was on a holiday trip .
    Have a beautiful weekend .

  18. Love your house!!! The tiles painted by your daughter and the outdoors are gorgeous.

  19. a house is a painting of the minds and hearts of those people who live in it,
    i would say
    WOW,thank you for sharing,loved the bell most,this is my tiny secret desire for the house which my husband promised he will make for me in my lovely village in next few years,and i start floating from now.god bless dear rama.

  20. Everything about your house is wonderful- I enjoyed each shot of it! So you live in Bangalore? The thing I remember most about Bangalore is a place which sold the most delicious tasting yogurt- they made it in clay pots which after eating you could dispose of. I wonder if that shop still exists- or maybe there were many of them but I just sampled one. (I know I took a bus ride all the way back to Bangalore JUST to buy more of the delicious fare)