Friday, July 15, 2011

From cake to fudge.

Having an oven has been one of my great desires. Whenever I saw those lovely cake books promising excellent results with colour pictures, I felt that nothing could go wrong.
 I imagined creating delicious black - forest, butterfly cup and marble cakes with beautiful iceing and a Christmas  cake  with its distinctive rummy flavour.
  Finally we bought the oven. The minute it entered my kitchen, I was itching to turn all my imagination into reality. The inaugural honours went to a batch of chocolate brownies which came out perfect.
 From that time, there was no stopping me. I tried the Chrismas cake  and it turned out just  the way it should. But soon I found that some of my cakes were not really coming out so well despite my strict adherence to the recipes.
   My family were quite 'fed' up of my cakes and started politely advising me to accept defeat. It did not work. They tried enlightening me about the cost and energy spent in baking at home, they felt it was time I realised that it was not worth the initial trouble and later disappointment. This too had no effect upon me. Soon they made faces and began to find excuses for not wanting to taste my cakes.
This is a no bake cheese cake( now a days I am not so bad in baking cakes)
It really hurt and I felt there was a bias just because my cakes were homemade and unprofessional. I stopped requesting them to try the cakes. Instead I ate whatever I baked. I put on a lot of weight, but I also put on a brave front, although I was terribly frustrated (on  both ways of course). Then, one day, I decided to try my hand at baking for just one last time. If it failed I would never try again.
    I could not take my eyes off the picture of a cake called "quick- mix chocolate and walnut cake".  It was a simple recipe and I found my hopes soaring high as usual. 
  I didn't have some of the ingredients mentioned but I was determined and walked to the neighbourhood shop. The shelled walnuts were not available so I bought  un-shelled  walnuts. It took me almost an hour to shell them and chop them into fine pieces.
  I cursed myself for my obstinate nature, not realizing how non- productive  this whole exercise  might turn out to be. The picture of my husband  and children sent shivers down my spine. I pushed all these negative thoughts aside and super imposed rosy pictures of my beautifully turned - out- cake.
  Luckily my husband was late for lunch. I thanked God for small mercies and pushed the cake mixture into the oven. I waited with bated breath and prayed to all the known and unknown gods .
   When I took the cake out I was shocked to see it resemble a quick - mix - leather cake rather than quick -mix - chocolate walnut cake. With no clear plan in my mind, I embarked on my "operation camouflage".
    I fed the leathery cake into my mixer to get a powdery mass. I then made some sugar syrup and mixed the powder into it and kept stirring till it left the sides of the pan. All the while I was trying desperately to control my tears. I poured the mixture into a greased flat tin and cut it into pieces after it had cooled.
  The children returned from school sniffing gingerly the aroma of chocolate still hanging in the air. They assumed the 'usual', but when I showed them the walnut fudge, it disappeared in no time.
   They said that if I sent the recipe to a magazine, I would surely win the first prize. They advised me to give up my obsession for baking cakes and 'stick' to making fudges.
    Should I mention in my recipe for chocolate fudge with walnuts that one must first fail to make it as a cake for the best results ?

(One of my Middles written and published years ago).


  1. hahaha! marvelous! that sounds like me in the kitchen trying out dishes that would hit the dustbin any moment:) Glad you finally learned how to make cakes and fudges. My son almost cries very time i tell him- " Try this da, this is my new recipe":)))

  2. I love this Rama:):) Made me giggle and think of my own baking fiascos:):) We do have a lot in common:)

  3. lol...loved the not a bad baker but then never give it to anyone except for my hubby dearest..and he has never said anythign about the..poor guy :)

  4. My whole family laughed and laughed reading your post.I almost rolled off my all your writings sooo much.your cakes must be as delicious as your posts:))))
    Give us more such readings , Rama .you are a great story teller.:)

  5. This post must be inspiring too many people to make them realise they are not the only ones battling with cakes.... for me it turns into pudding.. these days my 14 and 12 year olds too love baking.... Why don't you parallely start an exclusive cookery blog or share your recipes here...

  6. Enjoyed reading the post!Even, I had similar experience not only in baking but also Indian sweets....

  7. Nice post. I laughed loud when I reached the part where you called your cake leathery. But, you turned it into such a triumph. Do share the recipe with me. I just love chocolate-walnut brownies or fudge. I normally use my oven for making tikkas or grills. Cakes -- I only use the mixes that come in the market. Once, I tried Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe exactly as he gave for a chocolate cake, and it did turn out superb :). But, I never did it again. I guess I am not much of a baker!

  8. thanks for laughter,you write so nicely that effect so positively on heart and keep in memories for long,especially this one,

    dear voted for your beautiful house earlier but by mistake used the identity of my son AHSUN so

    wanted to just let you know dear
    god bless

  9. Hilarious ! Now i want to taste that walnut fudge .I love baking cakes but have restricted it to once in a month job .Reason is the fear of weight gain .I am not an expert on it ,just ok ok .
    Loved the post :):)

  10. umm...inspite of the 'experiments' the very mention of chocolate fudge ...droool!

  11. LOL !!! I am an out of the box baker, never tried to bake anything from scratch.

  12. I loooove homemade cakes, they're so much better than shop bought. Lovely photos, must go off and make a coffee even though I haven't got any cake here. Sigh!

  13. ths post is good...writeup is so interesting...

  14. he he he :) next post the recipe for it all ... once when i was a kid we tried t obake a cake I put BESAN instead of MAIDA ..

    dont know the english words :) he hehehe


  15. What a grand story- and a beautiful example of turning a 'failure' into a wonderful success!!! Good for you!!

  16. My case is the other way around. Cake baking is better than the candy making process. I was googling how to turn a fudge (that doesn't set) into a cake. And I landed on this page. Where did this write up get published btw? Loved the post.

  17. Hi bladenomics,
    This middle was published many , many years ago in Deccan Herald the regular Newspaper in Karnataka. At that time i was very obsessed with getting my middles, published at any cost, apart from baking.
    Just like blogging, writing middles based on my own experiences was a habit with me.
    Now with no editors to check my blogs for the number of words, I am free from the middles and I am hooked to blogging. I don't think you can turn a fudge into a cake, but maybe you can still make a fudge out of a cake.
    Welcome to my blogs.