Friday, June 10, 2011

Lychee Ice Cream

We happened to have guests who had come from Delhi. They brought along lots of Lychees which is quite cheap in Delhi. So we had some luscious looking Lychees, begging to be made into Ice Cream. We had all the ingredients for  making it. All you need is condensed milk, slim milk and fresh lychees.
Now there was also some good whole wheat bread, which I turned into tasty Italian Bruschetta, a healthy snack that can be had anytime of the day.

I can see we have some uninvited guests, some 3 cute looking bears ogling at the spread greedily, and some people in cars are also heading towards it and there are only 2 cups of Ice Cream,oophs..... what am I going to do???
I think the safest thing is to leave the venue......

Benefits of Lychees: Lychee also has several health benefits. It contains different types of nutrition and vitamins. One vitamin is most prominent in Lychee and that is Vitamin C. By eating 100g of vitamin C a day, you can meet your daily requirements. Vitamin C can help fight against various  diseases.
It contains Potassium, Phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium and selenium in reasonable amount, which in turn is not only good for adults but also very good for the growing children. It is a great remedy for cough.  With very low fat content, one can eat countless amounts of Lychee's without any guilt. It is also supposed to be good for the skin as eating this heavenly fruit reduces the occurrence of spots and wrinkles.
Lychees are highly recommended for weak and the elderly. It also enriches the blood and strengthens the immune system.

So enjoy this delicious fruit to your heart's content.


  1. wowo .. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now that reminds me of home we got 2 lychee trees and they will be so RIPE .. probably the neighbours will be feasting on them ...




  2. Rama, you have brought back memories of our 5 years living in Singapore as expats where we were first introduced to lychees. Yum! Yum!
    Interesting guests you had sharing the table :)

  3. wow!!

    this seems to be yummy and is making me Hungary!

    the presentation is also very nice :D

  4. Bikram, you must be really missing home, the Mangoes, and the lychees. Wow! to have 2 Lychee trees, that is really good.
    Chez, I read that it is very much available in Australia too, so nothing to miss, just needed a reminder through this blog.
    AS, I have not heard from you for such a long time. Thanks for dropping by and thanks again for your lovely comment. Lychee is something so irresistible.

  5. Awesome spread!... Directions to your house please, heading right away.

  6. That Lychee icecream beckons:) I love Lychees, but Mangoes are my favorite. Looks like it was a great party with the Bruschetta and ice-cream:)

  7. Asha:
    When you visited Bangalore recently why didn't you inform me, I would have given you directions?
    Never mind there is always next time, and you are most welcome.

  8. Kala, if you want to taste some yummy mango kulfi, head to Patricia's blog, she has featured my weekend wrap, where you can feast on mango kulfi.
    It was more of a photo party.

  9. I love lychee. And I love ice cream.It looks yummy and cheers to the beautiful presentation.I wish there was taste option alongside commenting.

  10. I like Lychees but do not get to eat much. First time I heard about Lychee ice cream. It seems very interesting. Need to try but do not know how......

  11. The ice creams definitely looks yummy and i am drooling here!! You should share the exact recipe as well :). I love your guests as well

  12. That ice cream looks delicious. I've never tried lychee because I was unsure of the taste.... now I will try it :) it was good to know about the benefits as well

  13. your 3 bear..they are sooooooo cute, I love your table setting..bruchetta is also yoummy looking:)

  14. Its the first time I am hearing about Lychee.Intresting!Planning to try out Italian Bruschetta.

  15. My favorite bruschetta is on your table and I am sure one day I will be one of those that are sitting at the table right now :-)

  16. Thank you:
    Kavita, Harish SM,Renu, SV, Emmy, Padmaja and A.

    To A And SV and anubharat:

    Lychees are available everywhere, though it originated in China.
    Making Lychee Ice cream is very simple, all you have to do is mix 1 tin of condensed milk with 1 liter of milk and reduce over heat for about 10- 15 mins,let it cool completely and then add the pulp of Lychee, remember, not to pulp it much and add it to the milk mixture and keep in the freezer covered for about 5 hours.

  17. looks yum. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  18. looks so yum I also have some guests at home who brought lychees but I ate them them all within a hour :) your bruschetta looks so colorful what's the green ingredient red one is tomatoes right!!

  19. I love lychees and had them regularly in my childhood. In bangalore, they are exorbitantly priced and just not the same quality. Have you tried Amul's lychee ice cream, it is really very good. So, I get that quite regularly to satisfy my craving. And, that is an unusual fusion -- serving bruschetta with lychee ice cream.

  20. Kiran, Shuchita,thank you.
    Rachna this homemade ice cream is so much creamer, despite using slim milk and it does not give the frozen taste or texture of the lychee that is found in Amul ice cream. Of course it is also a little high in calories as it has condensed milk.

  21. Love lychees.. Never knew before that they have high nutritional value !!!

    Lychee icecream ,... mm... mouth-watering !!