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Power Through Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy.  It is an ancient healing art, rediscovered about more than a hundred years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese spiritualist, healer, physician and scholar. He was guided to search for the secret behind the miracle healings of Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha. After many years of dedicated reseach, and travel abroad to countries like America, China, India and Tibet, he discovered the key to understanding the miracle healings in the Tibetan Lotus Sutras. In order to read and understand the Sutras in their original script, i.e. Sanskrit, he even learnt and mastered that language. Realizing that he had found the key to the healings, Dr.Usui went back  to Japan, to the Zen monastery  which had all along supported him in his quest.  He had knowledge – but that was not enough : he had to be empowered to use it. Along with the Abbot of the Zen monastery, Dr. Usui decided to meditate. Together through their meditation, it was revealed to them that Dr. Usui should proceed to the sacred Mount Kuriyama,  and commence a 21 days fasting and meditation . 
 Nothing unusual happened, until the last of the 21 days dawned. it was still dark about, when he saw a shining light moving towards him  at great speed. It became bigger and bigger, and finallly hit him in the middle  of  the forehead.  Millions of white glowing bubbles, each one containing a three dimensional Sanskrit character in gold, appeared one by one just slowly enough for him to register each character. He was now completely empowered- he was connected to the cosmic energy and was armed with the knowledge and ability to transfer this unique power of healing to others. Thus was born the Usui system of natural healing- or Reiki, as it is popularly known to us.
Shortly before Dr. Usui’s death, Dr. Usui charged one of his most devoted teachers, Dr. Chijiro Hayashi, a retired naval officer with the responsibility of carrying on the traditions of Reiki. Dr.Hayashi founded the first Reiki clinic in Tokyo.
In the year 1935, Hawaya Takata (1900-1980),  a young Japenese – American woman from Hawaii was led to Dr.Hayashi’s Reiki clinic for treatment. Once she was completely healed, Madame Takata became a student of Dr. Hayashi.  After years of dedicated practice, she was made a Reiki Master by Dr. Hayashi in the year 1938.  On his death in 1941, Madame Takata succeeded him as Grand Master.  It was through Madame Takata that Reiki was made available to people all over the world.  She brought it to mainland United States, and finally to Canada and Europe.  In the last 10 years of her life,  from 1970- 1980, she initiated 22 Reiki Masters,  both women and men .
    This is only  a very brief history of Reiki.  You would have to read some good books on this subject to get a better idea  about Reiki.  The books that would help are: Reiki- Universal Life Energy by Bodo J.Baginski, The Complete Reiki Handbook by Walter Lubeck, Reiki The Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual by William Lee Rand, Empowerment through Reiki by Paula Horon.
                                      The Attunement
  What makes Reiki different from other healing methods is the attunement  (initiation) process which the student undergoes in the various levels of  the Reiki class.  Reiki is not taught in the way other healing  techniques are.  It is transfered to the student by the Reiki Master during the attunement process. This process opens the Crown, Heart and Palm Chakras, and creates a special link between the student and  the Reiki Source.  In the few short minutes of attunement process, the reciever of Reiki energy is given a gift that forever changes his or life in every positive way.
                                How Does Reiki Work ?
 Reiki energy is naturally available to all living beings from birth.  In time, various life experiences, emotional and mental stress, obstruct the free flow of Reiki, and the natural healthy connection is distorted.
 Just as Television waves flow in the atmosphere,  but require a suitable reciever tuned to its frequency to reproduce the sound and visual picture, similarly, we too need to be re- attuned to the cosmic energy to remain healthy or regain lost health.
 The attunement does not give the reciever anything new – it simply opens up and aligns what was already a part of her/ him. the process  is very much like plugging in a lamp in a house  already wired for electricity. Once you have recieved the attunement, you will have Reiki for the rest of your life.  It does not wear off, nor can you ever lose it.
                                     Channeling Reiki
After attunement, all that is necessary for the practitioner to use  Reiki is to place their hands on themselves, or on the person to be  healed, with the intention of healing. The healer may not know what needs healing , but Reiki  energy has an intelligence far beyond human, and will go where it is needed. It heals on all the levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can never do any harm- one can never use it for negative purposes.  Since you are not using your own limited energy  to heal,  you do not have to fear that you might end up with symptoms of your patient, (unlike other types of healing). You are using only the Reiki energy or the Universal life force energy, and you are just the channel.
Reiki can be used alone, or in conjunction with conventional medical treatment. It will improve results of all medical treatment, acting to reduce negative side- effects, shorten the healing time, reduce or eliminate pain, reduce stress and help create a calm state of mind.  
                                              Is Reiki A Religion?
Reiki is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in, in order to learn and use Reiki . Because Reiki comes from God, many people find that using Reiki puts them more in touch with experience of their religion, rather than having only an intellectual concept or awareness of their own religion.                                    
Most learning about Reiki comes from doing healings , and letting the energy teach the healer.  The more the student uses Reiki, the more it teaches him, and stronger his healing ability becomes. The more it is used the more Reiki also works in the healer’s life to accelerate her or his personal growth and self- healing.
                                What Reiki Can Do For You
1. Reiki brings the body into harmony by relieving the physical and emotional blockages.
2. Reiki heals the root cause of any ailment and eliminates the effects of imbalance.
3.Reiki helps minimimize your sense of helplessness when facing disease or trauma of modern society.
4, Reiki helps lower the increasing cost of conventional medical care , easing strain on your finances .
5.Reiki is completely impersonal and positive- you can’t do anything wrong with it.
6. Reiki is a technique which allows you to assume responsibility for your health and well- being.  It shows you how to become the master of your destiny.
(Compiled from various sources )


  1. Thanks for sharing that info on Reiki :)

  2. I had one more friend practicing Reiki.. good to know the history.. Our literature and epics are replete with this kind of healing techniques..

  3. Thgank you so much, Rama! I can feel it from so far away and am getting stronger every day!

  4. Jerry you would find a lot of difference if you can learn it from someone there. There is no age for learning it. It is so simple and also the best.
    Subu, it had its origins from India only, while we had forgotten to use it, others benefited from our knowledge, and brought it back to us.

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    Thanks for posting it. I am still reading ..i mean I will read a few more times to completely grasp everything. It is very well written.

  6. good information on rekhi.I heard rekhi can be used on ourselves also to heal a particular it true?

  7. I had heard good things about reiki but have never experienced the same. You have provided some pretty detailed information. Nice post.

  8. Good informative post. I knew about Reiki but not in so much detail.

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  10. This post is especially for 'A". He wanted me to write something about Reiki, and so this blog which was written many years ago at another blog site by me was posted again.
    I am amazed that many people say they have heard about Reiki, and also they have heard only positive things about it, yet I am saddened by the fact that not many of them have bothered to even read in detail about this healing system, how they can truly benefit from it.
    There is no need to the course , but at least I wish people would read some books regarding this healing system. For unless you read it yourself you would never understand Reiki.
    It cannot be so easily explained in a blog. But by reading good books about it, can make you decide whether you have an aptitude for it or not.
    Read it just as you would read any other book, for it would hardly take you 1 day to finish a book of 150 pages.
    Whether you decide to do the course or not doesn't matter, you would have gained some knowledge about an interesting subject.

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  15. Thank you Kamini. Yes I know your mom is a Reiki Master.I think one has to experience Reiki and feel naturally drawn towards it,for we are not supposed to convince anybody that it works, for it would then defeat the very purpose of Reiki. For the more we will try to convince the more it would turn you against it. We leave it to the individual to come on his/her own decision,whether it is worth doing it or not.
    The information I have compiled is known to all Reiki practitioners, there is nothing new in what I have written, however your mom is most welcome to read it.
    And yes, I am always grateful to Gagan for doing a neat job. Thanks again Kamini.

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  17. completely new info for me and would've not read it if not for your blog thanks for sharing,
    do you practice it also???
    I am very much intrigued by it but do you need to be religious or a monotheist to practice it???

  18. I did the master level long back and was using it on the needy...somewhere down the road, I stopped... total surrender to God probably was the reason :-) nice educative post Rama!

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