Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A poetry by Sri Chinmoy. ( A great writer and poet from Bengal)

If I have just one aim,
And if that aim is to be myself,
Then I am bound to discover joy,
True joy, eternal joy.
If you can create harmony
In your own life,
This harmony will enter
Into the vast world.
The transformation of life
Begins with a soulful smile
Of the heart.
At the dawn of each day,
Let us make our hopes
And promises
As sincere and powerful
As possible.

Reading his poems always inspires me.
Some of his quotes are really good, this for example : 

WITH OUR IMAGINATION-POWER we can challenge the tricky mind and win. We weaken ourselves by imagining that we are weak. Again, we can strengthen ourselves by imagining that we are strong. Our imagination often compels us to think we cannot do something or cannot say something. We often use imagination in a wrong direction. So instead of letting imagination take us backwards, we should use it to take us forward toward our goal.

Some of  his other short poems which I like are:

My dedication-life-river
Does not allow anything
To remain stagnant
In my life.

We can easily live our lives
Without speaking ill of
The rest of the world.
- Sri Chinmoy

The mind is a jungle; the heart is a garden. So let us spend as much time as possible inside our heart-garden and become one with its beauty and fragrance. Later, when we develop the capacity, we will try to clear the jungle and replace it with beautiful plants from our heart.
The rising sun Blesses my mind with joy 
The setting sun blesses my heart with peace.

Sri Chinmoy.

Taken from the site: Sri Chinmoy Center.org


  1. The mind is a jungle;..manam oru korangu...for sure...good post buddy:)

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  3. Wow..those are beautiful. I love the quote about imagination the most. We forget how much power we even have over our own thoughts! Thanks so much for sharing...these are all wonderful. Reminds me of your style of writing :)

  4. beautiful and excellent thought

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  5. Excellent post. Believe in our-self... that is my motto too...

  6. That is very true, Stranger.

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