Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thoughts Raining In My Mind....

As I  stood watching the thunder storm and the rains from our balcony,  I felt, all of a sudden, so much at peace with myself and the surrounding. It led me to wonder,  was there any moment in my life that I want to go back and re live again, did I miss any part of my life now?
The answer was a big 'No'.
I have lived in so  many places all over India, and loved each and every place, (some more of course), but do I want to go back and live the life I had lived , the answer was again: "No".
I mentally went through many of my experiences both good and bad, and felt happy thinking about them.
I am happy that, I still have photographic memory of each and everything that has happened till now, however, I neither want to change them, nor re live that life again.
Each event of the past showed me how I had automatically changed, sometimes in small ways and sometimes very drastically, and how those changes happened,  not by the influence of others but of my own free will. I was neither influenced by my parents, my in laws, my friends nor by my husband.

Now at this late stage of my life, I am still drawn towards new things, have new aspirations, new desires, new goals to follow through. I am so happy in the present, and the dreams I have woven for my future keeps egging me to dream on, keep wishing on, and gives me the confidence to look at all these things passing in front of me like pictures on a movie screen, making me feel in some weird kind of way, that theses things have actually happened  in the future.
I really feel thrilled with such thoughts floating inside me, and as I stand waiting for them to happen in their  own beautiful way (much better than I have been led to imagine), I feel : "They also serve who only stand and wait". ( Milton)
This might sound strange, but the meanings change, and may mean different things to different people according to the changes in their thought process, and their attitude  towards life.
I feel, the time has come in my life when I don't have to do anything, yet I would end up getting more than I wished for.
For : I believe  in my instincts and in the Universal life force, which has a way of taking care  of all my dreams.

What do you feel?
Please feel free to share them here.


  1. What a beautiful place Rama. Blessed are those indeed who feel a contentment with and in their life. Enjoying each moment and always being true to oneself, without being selfish. Great post! AND thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you John. I am blessed to have friends like you. I am glad you could relate to this post.

  3. You have lived in beautiful houses! And now too you live in a lovely house. Have got a nice family. Contentment brings more happiness always! Be happy like this always!

  4. Not always Sandhya, many times we would have to make do with tiny portions for six months or so till we got a good accommodation, when I was travelling with my parents. However, one would get used to that tiny place too. Big houses too were enjoyed along the way, so these things never bothered me. Sometimes I do look back and wonder, how we all managed, and how happy we were whether the house was big or small. I suppose being used to living in all kinds of situation had prepared me to enjoy this wonderful house too.
    Yes happy I am always, for even in the worst situation, I can never be depressed for long.
    Thank you Sandhya.

  5. You are such an inspiration for all of us to keep doing new things and trying out new experiences without giving excuses.

    And coming to your question, I would also say No. I'm content with what I am, the way I am and I would really not prefer to go back to some time (though there are a lot of wonderful moments in my otherwise normal life). I'm more of a person who focuses on the present and with each new day I focus on that day and don't hold on to the past for a long time.

    If people ask me if I'm content, I probably would say Yes :-)

    And I loved the first pic of that house. It's so beautiful :-)

    1. Ashwini, it is good to know that you focus on each day, that is also a very nice way to dealing with life. In the end one must feel content from the heart.
      Thanks for your response.

  6. A very positive post Rama and like Ashwini said, very inspiring! Very few of us realize that 'present' is the true gift!

    1. Thanks Rahul for your inputs. It is only the 'present' and the 'future', that is in our hands, we should never let that slip by.

  7. OH Rama..your pics always outshine your;y houses..I always believe tat contentment comes from the heart not from the aquisitions or things..I may not havee many things but I am at peace..

    1. True Renu. Isn't it great to say, that you are happy, and that too from your heart?
      Thanks Renu for sharing your views here.

  8. One visit to your thoughts and it always puts me back on my track, just when I am trying to balance things, people and life in general. Thank you for that!
    When I look back, I do regret for certain things that I was not good at, which could have been much better. But wisdom came only with age, at least it did!

    1. Padmaja with age we do mature, and the things that used to bother us no longer matter to us any more. We have crossed the bridge by hook or crook, and are here now happy and contented, that is what matters the most.
      Thanks .

  9. I like your attitude to life and the fact that all decisions have been taken consciously by you alone.I also admire your wish ' to be drawn towards new things, have new aspirations, new desires, new goals to follow through'
    May your wishes come true

    1. Thanks KP, for your kind wishes, and I am sure they would come true.

  10. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. You are an inspiration for all of us. As for me, I think I am content with the way my life is going.

  11. Our thoughts are so powerful that when the universe picks it up, it conspires to give us what we want. Helping us make our dreams come true. :)

    Beautifully written as always. :)

  12. No wonder in this wonderful place you could find peace.
    It is the state of the mind and you seem to have control over it.
    Beautiful place you have .
    The only picture of yours where you seemed very disturbed was your picture at Auschwitz

  13. Beautiful pictures. I believe the Universe can make our dreams come true if our desire is strong enough.

  14. I think those, who stand by the side positiveness, attain everything positive in your life. But whatever achievements some get,they may not enjoy or cannot enjoy that. One and the same thing different people take in different ways. Anyway your contentment flows to us also. Nice pic,nice post.

  15. Hello Rama, greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely photos.

    At the outset I will say that you are one in a million to be content, satisfied with life and yet look for new goals, new aspirations and new things. Normally this is not the case.

    I look back to my school days with fond memories when I was carefree, full of joy, seeking new adventures and new thrills. During holidays I will go out with my friends and play till noon, come home to eat and go out again to play till late in the evening and come back to eat. My mother and father will scold me but that was not important.

    Similarly I also think my working days were better because I was always occupied and busy and I didn't know how the time went. Now that I am retired, although I do many things, I still find that that I have not used the time productively. Life has changed after retirement and although I push myself I feel there is a vacuum.

    I also felt very happy when my kids were small and dependent on me but now they are all grown up and standing on their own feet. I was the hero when they were small. Now they can take their own decisions without consulting me. Surely there is a let down.

    I have slowed down with age, I can't run and jump. Considering the fact that I was in school and college athletics team, this is disappointing. I stand and watch youngsters playing football and longingly wish my young days would come back. I see little children skip on the road instead of walking and I remember the days of my youth. I could climb trees and pluck fruits. I could climb high walls with ease and sit there chatting nonsense with my friends. I could swim. Well, well, well, those were wonderful days.

    I am not trying to sound pessimistic but surely they were enchanting days.

    But life moves on. I thank God for each day. I count my blessings. I have seen some of my younger friends pass way. My two younger brothers and one young sister passed away. I feel sad when I think of them.

    All that I am concerned now is to take care of my health, eat carefully and walk as much as possible to get some exercise.

    Your post is very inspiring.

    Wish you all the best.

  16. After reading this, one gets the feeling that you are at peace with yourself, no worries of the future nor any guilt feeling of the past.
    And that is exactly how one should be.
    Well written.