Sunday, December 8, 2013

Birthday: A Time For Reflection And Gratitude

Today is my day:  My Birthday!

I take this opportunity to acknowledge all the good people in my life, the roles they have played  in making me the person I am now.

 As always I am reminded of my parents who brought into this world. They are the most lovely people in the world. Both my father and my dear mother have done so many things for me, really going out of their way to make me feel happy and loved all the time, being proud  of even the very insignificant achievements in my life, always encouraging me, inspiring me, and guiding me to do even better.
I thank you dear parents for being with me all through my journey of life.

To you my dear father:  I am thankful for inheriting certain traits from you like, being very open, frank, to stand up and fight for whatever is right, the never to give up in any kind of situation, the ability to laugh at myself, to forget all the disappointments and only think of the positives in my life, to always have a natural smile. Father, I owe all these and many more qualities to you.
Although today you cannot hear me, you have become totally deaf, I still communicate with you in my mind and can surely feel your advice coming to me telepathically.

Your simplicity, your value for money, has really rubbed itself on me too. Thank you for making me understand at a  very young age in my life that " money does not grow on trees".

My dear mother:
I thank you for giving birth to me, and taking such good care of me, which I feel more and more now, that I wasn't really worthy of. I am still plagued by guilt in not being there for you when you most needed us. I know as a mother, such things never really bothered you, but still I feel I could have done better. Not a day passes when I don't think of you and talk with you in my mind. You may no longer be in this world, but you are always living in my mind. Now after years, I still remember how you used to feed me Rasam Sadam with potato curry in my early school days, I still remember, how tasty your sandwiches used to taste, how good your cheese pakodas used to be: how they really melted in my mouth.
I remember learning the trick of making Tomato Juice, which will also taste like sugarcane juice, one juice with two taste.  I am also thankful to God for making you come to our place in Bangalore just 10 days before you unexpectedly died. The last days spent with you was spent in so much happiness. Perhaps you loved me the most, that is why you felt like coming to our place and spending some quality time with us. Without knowing that it was going to be your last visit to our place, we somehow made you very happy doing the  things you wanted to do. I thank God everyday for those precious ten days you spent with us.
It is from you I learnt, how to cook, your magic touch, somehow has rubbed itself on me too, at least to some extent. I am mighty pleased when people tell me I look a lot like you, though in my teen years these very complements used to irritate me.
I have inherited your patience, your art of becoming friends with anybody, your art of mimicking people, your ability to choose sarees/ dresses well. I was so lost after I got married and didn't know whether, I was capable of choosing my own sarees and dresses without your help. But by and by I developed that talent, for being your daughter, how could I ever go wrong in my selections. I still thank you for that.
I thank you for inspiring me in so many ways, mainly in not letting anything come in the way to dampen my spirits when things don't work my way.

Mom I really, really love you and miss you very much.

You look pretty thoughtful and sad here. I often wonder what was going in your mind. you had so many worries, but still you kept on moving ahead in life with your positive attitude.

                                                    How lovely you look in this picture
How I wish I had one of those digital cameras : I would have clicked many many pictures of you.

I never fail to thank God for blessing me two lovely children. They are so matured, and I always listen to their advise. I thank them for pushing me into blogging. I know they would go to become very good parents when their time comes. Despite my struggles with the trial and error method in their upbringing, they have turned out to be pretty decent individuals.
I really am proud of their achievements, and although they live far away from me, they too are always in my thoughts.
I can't thank God enough for giving  me such a wonderful Son in law too.

I am forever grateful to the universe for blessing me with 4 dogs, (two dogs have already left this world).
Now we have one dog which is ours (Bumbilli) and one our daughter's dog Loki, cute and naughty as his name. This fellow taught me, how to adjust to a different home and yet be very happy and loving.
From all these adorable dogs I have learnt the meaning of patience, loyalty, and unconditional love.
Last but not least my dear, dear husband Ananth:  A big thanks  to him for always supporting me, inspiring me, and looking after all my needs.
He is best gift I have got in my life, and I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a good human being as my life partner.

I think there is a reason why all these lovely people have been and are still in my life, and I thank each and everyone for being there and making my life so meaningful and wonderful.

Finally, I thank all my friends for being there for me, advising me, encouraging me, and inspiring in ways they cannot even imagine.
I somehow felt that acknowledging all the good people and all the good things that they have brought into my life was the best way to make this 55th birthday of mine more meaningful.

It's My Birthday !


  1. Rama, you have told us the secrets to your never ending smile! My birthday was last Tuesday, Happy Birthday to both of us!

  2. Oh, yes Happy Birthday To both of us! Cheers!!
    Thank you Jerry. WIsh many happy years ahead Jerry!

  3. Wish you a Happy birthday! My birthday was yesterday, so both of us are Sagittarius!

    1. It is really nice to know that you too are a Sagittarian. Happy Birthday to you too.
      Thanks for visiting, it has been so long. I hope you are doing well.

  4. Many many happy returns of the day Rama :) I just love the way you are upbeat about life, here's wishing you many many more blissful years of joy with your loved ones.

  5. Numerous pleasant 'birthdays' may dawn in your life.By reading this somehow my eyes rained,Rama and I don't know why.Mother,daughter and granddaughter look alike.

  6. Blessed , or call it the willingness in you to sit back and notice what has probably given you a perpetual smile.
    I just noticed your Blog Header , now, after a long time of coming to your blog- "Time, time 'I have all the time".tells your relaxed and confident personality.
    Good luck and ,many more years of goodness.

  7. I have just sent you my belated birthday wishes.
    Parents play a vital role in shaping children.Your glowing tribute to amma and appa is touching.
    May you continue to be happy,healthy and blessed for all years to come

  8. Happy birthday dear Rama, may God bless you with more! Your smile and personality is infectious, now I know the secret behind it, life has been fulfilling for you, let it be so for many more years to come!

  9. Belated happy birthday, Rama! Hope you had tons of fun and happiness:)

  10. Touching and beautiful expressions from you to your loved ones,Rama. I am sure your mom must be smiling from above and your dad would definitely hear your expression of love. Stay blessed , have many more birthdays.

    1. Thank you Asha. To think about our parents always makes us feel so blessed.

  11. A very nice writeup. A good thought as well, on your birthday. How many of us actually remember our parents on our birthday!

    A belated birthday wishes to you. May the year ahead be full of happiness and fun.

    1. I know, we think of our parents all the time in some way or other, but such occasions really triggers some deep thoughts about them, and somehow makes us feel both happy and sad at the same time. Thanks Pradeep.

  12. Happy belated Birthday Rama! Many happy years to come! Lots of love. Mei

  13. What a wonderful way of remembering and showing gratitude towards your loved ones, Rama!!
    Hope you had a fab birthday and stay blessed all year through too! Cheers :)

  14. Belated happy birthday

    for comments i did the needful as suggested by you thanks.