Monday, September 12, 2011

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 -

There is so much to think about, see for yourselves....
Just as we have no answers to our questions from our government, so too the American people have no answers to their questions from their government.....even after so many years, everything has just been swept under the carpet. They wiped out literally Iraq, and destroyed what little was there of Afghanistan, all in the name of wiping out terrorism, have they been successful in their mission?
Aren't all these acts of terrorism interconnected to all that is happening around in this world in some indirect way affecting each  and everyone of us?
Do we have the answers to this puzzle?

Transcript and sources:

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. Not only see this but more, but don't close your eyes to  truth.


  1. Hmmmmm It was all OHT.. I am a humanities student he he hehe


  2. I was in Singapore when a building went down just as this one did- it was on Serangoon road and I was teaching just around the corner- it was not a controlled implosion but something was wrong with the structure- and it just went down flat- just as these are (like a pancake). It stopped my whole class because it sounded like some kind of explosion (that was the building falling) I said the building in Singapore went down because of structural damage not even an explosion- so I am not sure I truly believe what this Truth video is saying.

  3. Anjuli, I respect your views, but somehow I feel differently. Right from the beginning, I felt something was fishy, things were not falling in place, something very vital was missing, somebody was not telling the whole truth. And why would anybody say anything, for they had their own reasons for covering up their deeds. We have learnt through experience, that we cannot trust the government to tell the truth. But we only know that innocent people have been killed, and the government is not answerable to anybody. The decisions taken by the government were questionable, and remains even to this day.
    It is always better to keep our eyes open, and not fall for the predictable lies dished out by the government, however tragic the situation may have been or may be in future too.

  4. yes one should always keep eyes open

  5. more theory popping up. I too felt something was not true about the ways the towers went down. Now, it seems there is some truth here:( All in the name of wiping out terrorism?

  6. Conspiracy theories -- seems credible. I really don't know what to believe.

  7. Rama,

    I was in the USA. We moved to the conference room when the news break out of the first explosion. Over and over we saw the video. It was NOT at all a controlled explosion of any kind. Building fell apart slowly. Also keep in mind terrorist tried to explore building in Washington DC on the same day and some brave passengers and pilot managed to divert the plane.

    I don't believe this theory. Any one who saw this on TV, panic, fire fighters, smoke, chaos would not believe it.

  8. All I can say, is that, there was no proper independent investigation, and the government has done nothing to make people believe in the crap that has been dished out to them all these years. They want answers for so many questions, does the the government have them, a government which is supposed to have access to many sophisticated means to find the truth?
    Does it not throw a shadow on the integrity of the government?
    Does the loss of so many lives mean nothing, maybe they do not care for they are guilty:
    All the perfumes/ oil of Arabia will not make their greedy little hands smell sweeter.
    The government has to carry the stigma forever,whether they like it or not.
    What I am trying to say is that, such things happen everywhere, lives are sacrificed for ones personal gains.
    If there are legitimate questions, there has to be legitimate answers too. It is a pity even now elected governments feel that they are answerable to none.

  9. ths depends upon ones fate according to me...

  10. Anything is possible in politics .This theory can not be ignored.

  11. This theory cannot be ignored at all! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Lot to think about... feel really sad.

  13. really sad ,it happens often in here too but you know in realty some people have more long hands then law,