Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time,Time...... I have all the time but no time to kill !!

People are always curious to know how I kill "TIME". They keep asking me whether I kill time watching all the TV serials on offer on Tata Sky, probably imagining I was a serial time killer. And there are others who can't understand how I am not bored with all the time in this world, and there are still others, who volunteer to give me unsolicited advice on how to use my time productively.

Strangely I am not a TV addict as some would presume, for despite having so many channels begging to be watched, I rarely see anything that captures my attention, maybe one or two in a day. The earth would not come tumbling down if I happened to miss them.

As far as boredom is concerned, I am never bored with time or my life. I am just tickled pink thinking of those people, who are so worried / jealous about how I spend my time : it is so hilariously entertaining that it banishes and kills all boredom in my life forever.

Now, for the people who come with all kinds of ideas and advices to use my time productively, I have only one question: "did I ask you? Instead why don't you use your time more effectively than breaking your head about my usage of my time?"
The obsession to use time in a more productive way makes one more obsessed to be more productive, and more and more and more " productive" leaving one no time to realize, that one is getting sucked  into a whirlpool from which there is no escape. I believe such people should pause to think (and stop to smell the roses too) and see where they are blindly heading, lest they drown in their own productive whirlpool.

Well, for me Time has always been a friend, a guide, a mentor, a father all rolled into one.
He has always been there, is always there and would always be there for me.
He is my constant companion, hand in hand we have traveled together, in good times and in bad, never leaving each other's side, even for a second : our bond is strong.

I don't need to fight time, race with it or race against it, or outwit it, or even kill it. I feel so blessed to have time constantly with me, nurturing me, healing me, encouraging me, changing me,and inspiring me.
Thank you dear time, for I cherish every minute of our togetherness in this great and wonderful journey called Life.

Rama (The Timeless) Ananth.


  1. Dear Rama...nice post! Indeed, time is our companion of life and The best way to spend it rests solely with us. And i am happy you have found togetherness:)

  2. Indeed, for those who have the thirst to cherish every minute they get and enjoy it, time is a companion. Who is giving you advice? I am sure that person got a very strong message here :). When we chase time and get too busy, suddenly one day when we desperately want some time, we realize that we have run out of it. Make the best of what one has and a lovely positive message in your post.

  3. Somebody sure got you upset about how you spend your time. It seems strange one would worry about another's use of it. I've never gotten the impression that you have a problem with boredom. It seems you are the type of person who embraces life, is very cheerful and loves what is around her. I find that you appreciate little things more than most. I was laughing as I read your post. Good for you for standing up for yourself!

    Time. It's a good thing...

  4. offcourse it ur time how you spend is up to you.. dont know why people have to invade into others privacy.. and as u said they shud spend there time more wisely then worrying about ur time :)
    Rightly said

  5. Rama,

    You used masculine gender for time..'HE'. I am glad. So we still use masculine gender for things we like...HAHA.... I thought people have given up on that.

    Anyways...I like your theory. I am not too obsessed with productivity and usually in no rush to complete. However I am able to complete all my tasks on time. I drive slow ..at the speed limit...but still reaches earlier than people who drive fast...

    I completely agree with you ..take life easy..enjoy the time you have :))

  6. Hello! Wonderful post! I liked it very much! I see so like post in my life for the first time...Thank You very much for sharing!

  7. I am dad now.My daughter was born yesterday!
    I wish all the bests to You and to Your family!

  8. Rama, Nice post! In these "times" of stressful and chaotic world, the 'time" to be at peace is the "present moment", it is most important than what we do with our "time".. what do you say:-)

  9. Timeless post! the last few lines are excellent!


  11. I know one thing Rama
    i enjoy every minut. we are healthy we have work
    we have wonderful projects in sri lanka
    and so many ppl close to me dont have so much luck.I realise more then ever that time is something some ppl dont get.
    Have a wonderful time Rama

  12. The last few lines says it all. Well said. I can surely use some of this wisdom.

  13. Rama
    tx for ur reaction Im not on Blogger anymore
    its Wp
    here the link

    and this is my project Wp
    u cant read but fotoos say enough ihope.
    BTW i like r house
    its very sociable.I do hope to see u soon

  14. Have You heard something about Enshteyn time theory? I find it very interesting!

  15. Rama, I cannot agree more with you. You seem to take the thoughts on time right out of my mind. "Kill time" ??? I treasure every second and only wish that I could stretch every second to lengthen my day, and I am a retiree. Life is for the living. There is plenty of time to be dead. Tks for your blog.

  16. Thanks everybody.
    Actually nobody provoked me to write this. In fact, the person who, is in a way responsible for my writing this blog is a very good friend of mine. She leads a very busy life, being a business woman, a mother, so many things rolled into one. Whenever we talk over the phone her first question would be "how are you killing your time"?
    Many people who lead very busy life, find it hard to believe I can do many things calmly, and yet have all the time to do nothing. It is all the more surprising for them, as they know, for many years I have been doing all the work myself without any outside help.
    I must say I was inspired by these people who are always in a rush, I don't know to reach where and to do what. I often ask myself, have they reached their destination, or when they do reach a destination, they have one more destination looming in front of them?
    Anyway, I am happy to be just an audience and watch these people's lives, without asking them anything.

  17. Rama
    u know how to transfer everything from Wp to Blogger here.
    Imagine icopy will it include fotoos??

  18. Hello Rama,

    Time plays a great role depending on the age of a person. I will definitely not like a youngster to waste time. When a person is young and embarking on a career, time is very important. Time is precious. For such persons there is a saying DON'T KILL TIME, TIME WILL KILL YOU.

    Youngsters who squander away their time without proper planning will end up being failures in life. Any achievement is the result of proper utilization of time. There is also a saying TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NO BODY.

    At your age and my age when we have accomplished many things in life and can look upon the fact that we have done fairly well, fulfilled our duties and responsibilities we are entitled to take it easy and enjoy our life without worrying about time.

    The fact remains TIME WILL ULTIMATELY CATCH UP WITH US. WE CANNOT ESCAPE TIME.TIME IS DEADLY. This doesn't mean we should not take it easy, enjoy our time and appreciate the beauty all around us. After all the TIME THAT WE HAVE IN THIS WORLD IS LIMITED. We have to make the best use of it.

    I enjoyed reading your well thought out and well written post with lovely photos.

    Have a wonderful time,

  19. Nice to see a pleasant post with a contented person behind it.

  20. Hi Rama,Nice to read you after a long time.Good thoughts about 'time'.You almost created a sort of realization in me.Now ,I would not repent for anything hopefully , at least about the past or present which is my own personal decision.

  21. hi Rama,
    very nice post and I love your smile in the header, you are looking very cute. completely agree with what is written in the post

  22. I get similar questions but at this point I shrug it off. I am not at home, I am off hiking or walking or working at the local health clinic as a volunteer. I do housework only because I have to, heh heh heh. Enjoy your life. Cheers.


    ps: Can you add anonymous to comment list.

  23. That was so nicely put. Yes if you take time to be your ally than foe, i guess we can sing along in life, not being bothered too much about what we do, when we do, but focus more on how we do things! my take!! nice blog, very positive, the waves are! :)