Monday, March 28, 2011

Let Me Take You To The Ghirardelli Square In San Francisco

              When you think of Ghirardelli your first thought may be of chocolate. However, Ghirardelli Square isn’t just about chocolate, it’s about  history,  tradition and enjoyment.  Ghirardelli Square translates into  “a fun destination with a vibrant atmosphere”.   Ghirardelli Square restaurants  offer something for everyone. 
Today, Ghirardelli Square is a unique San Francisco destination that includes a mix of upscale shopping, fine dining, wine bars, spa facilities and live entertainment. 
Ghirardelli Square is a historic San Francisco landmark, located on the beautiful San Francisco bay just a block from the cable car turnaround on the west side of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Ghirardelli has established its position as America's premium chocolate company for more than 150 years.
They are one of very few American manufacturers that make chocolate starting from the cocoa bean through to finished products. Throughout the process, they take special steps to ensure that their premium chocolate delivers their signature: intense, smooth-melting chocolate taste.

Incorporated in 1852 and in continuous operation since then, Ghirardelli has the richest heritage of any American chocolate company. Ghirardelli continues to honor its heritage to this day.

Ghirardelli is one of the few companies in America that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process, from cocoa bean to finished product. This control over the manufacturing process, combined with Ghirardelli's proprietary bean blend and unique methods of roasting and processing, ensures that you are rewarded with the highest quality and richest products. 
There is an interesting story regarding the name:

Say Gear-ar-delly!

The correct spelling and pronunciation of the Italian name "Ghirardelli" has long stumped even the most avid consumers of Ghirardelli Chocolate. 

Domingo Ghirardelli, the founder of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, must have resigned himself to the fact that only by a miracle was anybody going to get his name right: the original name of the chocolate company when it opened for business in 1852 was "Ghirardely & Girard."

The spelling of the name Ghirardelli may have been an early attempt to indicate the correct pronunciation.
Throughout its early history, the company has had to cope with all this and even incorporated it into early packaging labels and advertising campaigns.
For many years, a bright colored parrot and the words, "Say Gear-ar-delly," (a phonetic spelling of the name) were used to help solve the pronunciation problem. The strategy proved to be very successful.              

During the late 1800's, Ghirardelli hired the best available artists and advertising experts to saturate the West with the Ghirardelli name and logo.

Your guest...As a result, Ghirardelli's chocolate products were marketed to a nation of homemakers and became a household staple.
Today, these advertising images can be seen on the walls of Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shops, some of which are displayed.
Your child...

Ghirardelli chocolates are simply delicious making you savor each bite.
Remember to pick up some chocolates from here.
Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop
& Ice Cream Parlor

And one can never come here and  leave without  tasting  their wonderfully delicious ice creams ..... words fail to describe ....just let yourself go.... don't even think of your diet or even how much it would cost you in Rupees, just do it !!!

I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process.... It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?
-- Author Unknown

And look out!  there is the famous Loris Diner: 
 There's a new girl in town! Introducing their new addition to the family: Lori's Ghirardelli Square! opened in summer 2000, this upscale diner overlooks the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Right in the heart of the famous Ghirardelli Click to EnterChocalate factory, this diner offers fabulous  atmosphere of both indoor and outdoor dining, and counter service.

 Looking for a vintage diner that takes you back in time to the good ol’ days reminiscent of the 1950’s and the birth of rock and roll?
  Check out Lori’s Diner, a true classic, where you will find traditional American fare including hamburgers, French fries, Coca-Cola, malts –  Lori’s the most classic of diners!

Specialty shops, breathtaking bay views and beautifully landscaped plazas, no trip to San Francisco is complete without visiting Ghirardelli Square. Experience the ambience and entertainment at Ghirardelli Square!
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  1. wow, had a comfortable armchair travel around SF through your post. Thank you for such lovely and sweet info:)

  2. LOVE your San Fran posts. Don't care for chocolates. I have no blog. I just read all your blogs. You can email me at mytri at comcast dot net. I am pretty good with email. I cannot wait for summer. I was wondering what to do with my college and school aged kids. I am thinking of taking a bus to NYC and then taking the train to Montreal in May for a few days. It should be fun. We have been to Montreal once before and loved the town. Lets see what comes of that planning.


  3. Wow you are obviously a chocolate fan..! But it was interesting the words were almost visual. I have never been to the US but sure if it means eating chocolates from Giardelli then I would like to go.

  4. I love ice creams and now at 11 in the night I am craving for it after reading this post :),everyone tells me San Fran is a great place will def visit it on my next trip to US and thanks to your posts will be able to impress people with my knowledge about the place

  5. Really enjoyed that Rama:) I worked and lived in the San Francisco area for more than 20 years. Still miss it so much. Brings back memories....

  6. Wonderful post! I love history and chocolate! Oh wow, I have been craving chocolate. It's as if you've been reading my mind. I actually dreamed of chocolate the other night.

    But back to Ghirardelli Square- I haven't been been there for ages and we've never brought the kids. What a shame. It's not far from where we live.

  7. Loved all your SF posts Rama. You really have a way with words and describing your memoirs. Keep them coming

  8. A lot of posts on SF. How long did you spend there?

  9. wow..what beautiful pictures..ejoyed watching them.

  10. wow...chocolates and icecreams! Amazing to know about Gear-ar-delli haven't so far tasted American chocolates, am mad about the Swiss ones- Lindt, Ferrero...Thanks Rama, my day has started deliciously reading your post!!!

  11. I love this blog post. I love chocolates and ice creams, and I do enjoy Ghirardelli chocolates. Yum, I feel like having some just now :)

  12. Thanks for taking us along on another trip to an interesting and fun place! I like your new header picture too.

  13. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Asha, even I used to be just an armchair traveller like you, and have seen many places like that only, knowing very well in my heart that the day is not far when I too can be there right at the scene of action. Even now I am an armchair traveller, seeing many wonderful places, sitting comfortably in front of the TV.
    Anonymous: have a great holiday in Montreal.We will keep in touch.
    Meera I would not visit the US just for chocolates, but if you happen to be there, you should not miss it.
    Thanks Suchita, Kala,and Renu.
    Amanda you should make a trip to that place and soak in the sunshine.
    Nona, we were there only for 2 days.
    Thanks anubharat, Rachna, cloud nine and Maundering mutterer.

  14. Hi thanks ya for staying connected though I was away for so long. I really appreciate it and feel happy to have such a good blog friend. Take care, keep smiling and best wishes always..

  15. Sounds like a fabulous place! And that name is for sure a tongue twister.

  16. Hi Rama ,it seems like my trip is incomplete.Just kidding ..we had actually kept Ghirardeli square for the next time.Lovely description.Now ,I can take your post as a guidance for my next visit.Also ,I would visit the 'Twin Peaks shown in the movie 'My name is Khan'.It's a beautiful location with breathtaking views of the entire city.

  17. Rama as always you make me feel like I am on this journey with you form beginning to end. I don't know how you do it, but your blog amuses me! loved this one, now I want chocolates lol <3 xo.

  18. Very very good post. I missed this in my visit. Next time I will go. Liked the history of the name too :))

  19. I have been there too and I absolutely loved it. This area is my fav next to crooked street in SF.

  20. Hi Rama

    Your photos and information about Ghirardelli Square are great! I haven't been to Ghirardelli Square in years. After reading your post I think I need to make a trip to SF and get some of the best chocolate in the world :-)

  21. rama...ur posts r beautiful....though i have not yet visited SF yet..but tempted enoigh to try these yum chocolates!!!

  22. Rama, your post made me nostalgic again and with one more such post.. I think I will buy my ticket and pack my bags to be with my sonny:-) It was so much fun to stand in the long Que and get those chocolates! I loved all your pics!

  23. hi Rama,really glad to meet you dear ,wonderful place with your amazing sharing ,
    loved your sweet visit story,you have great command on words that hold the reader and make him share your lovely feelings.

    thanks for kind visit and beautiful words.
    loved reading your blog lines above dear god bless

  24. wwow makes me wanna book my holidays right now ..
    beautiful picutres ..
    thanks for sharing