Friday, December 10, 2010

Pasta for Lunch

Whole wheat pasta with tomato, garlic, onion and capsicum.
Today we decided we would have pasta for lunch.
My husband is very good at making pasta, and he was kind enough to make it today.
It is a very simple dish and doesn't take much time to prepare.
To go with it we had some cut apple and some nuts.

Low-fat cheese
No good meal can be complete without a good  wine.
 So here it is : our for lunch today.

Roses for turning 52. (8th December was my birthday)


  1. Hi Rama,Belated Birthday wishes !You look so young what is the secret of it?
    We make pasta for breakfast and dinner, for lunch my husband needs rice.Hey! we both are sagittarian's !!!!!

  2. Like your new template. It is cool.

    Glad your husband can cook something.My wife and daughter always bother me that I cannot cook anything.

  3. Welcome to my blog SV. Glad to know that you too are Sagittarius.
    Thanks for your wishes.

  4. Roses to greet & Pasta to treat!..... Nice. Belated B'day.

  5. What a good rhyming, Thanks Vasant.

  6. Wow, belated birthday wishes. And, yummy, your pasta looks superb. I love pasta, and I make the best pasta with a tomato-garlic sauce, lots of mushroom, capsicum and chicken. I love wine too. Great way to celebrate by doing homecooked food. Kudos to your husband for cooking such good food. My husband is a good cook too. Aren't we so lucky :)? And, the new look of your blog is very soothing.

  7. Happy Birthday to you from a 'Gold Club' friend!

  8. Happy Birthday dear Rama,
    I love pasta and have it as lunch at least once a week

    p.s: would have never guessed 52 :)

  9. happy birthday to you rama.Its such a big pleasure when a husband cooks and the wife sits and eats.That is the best gift you can have.well hope he did the clean up too:)

  10. Beautiful pasta!
    Happy birthday!

  11. Wish you a belated birthday. Looks like you had a great time with that fine home cooked meal. Like your rattan chairs.

  12. Whenever I see or read anything about Pasta, I am reminded about how a friend fed me with Pasta saying "Joe, serves you right for coming unannounced"

  13. Belated Birthday wishes Rama. You look so young for your age - not trying to flatter you here. You are aging very gracefully and heres wishing you to many more such healthy and happy birthdays