Monday, December 20, 2010

Dolls Of South India

This a beautiful  elegantly carved Elephant is made out of a single piece of cedar wood.
It caught Ananth's eye and he had to buy it. We bought it in VTI in Chennai
I love to collect all kinds of dolls. There are so many artifacts, collectibles which I like to display in our house: our house is  full of them, there is hardly any place to display all of them. But we never stop buying them. Some of them are expensive, although most of them are very affordable. Fridge magnets are another thing I am crazy about, for they are the only things we can afford to buy during our visits abroad. So here are some of the things bought by us during our trips to Hyderabad, Chennai :
These are the famous dolls of Kondapally in Andhra Pradesh South India

This  is Andaal , the famous poetess whose Thirupavai is still sung by  people all over the south during  December- January

I also have quite a few wooden toys from Channapatna in Karnataka : the toys that captured the heart of Mictchell Obama.

There is the colorful train,  (this the 3rd train, I had prettier ones, but guests liked them so much, that they just begged me to give it to them. I thought I could get the same but I am yet to find them)the merry-go- round....
This is my Fridge Magnet collection from various countries: some were bought by me and some are gifts.
The Cycle you see on the shelf is made of wire, they are so cute and so cheap, I also have a Rickshaw.

Above  the kitchen chimney too I have one Giant Wheel from Channapatna, these are just a few I have so many of them.
The dancing pair was gift from my maid for my 43rd birthday. I really treasure such gifts.

 This again is the Dasaavatar from Kondapally Andhra Pradesh
The Ten Incarnations of the Lord Vishnu.
The dancing Ganeshas was bought  some twenty five years ago from Poombuhar Bangalore.

Here's wishing you all the joys of the seasons: Merry Christmas!!!


  1. What a wonderful collection, Rama, and reminders of great memories and people! My computer broke! but is fixed now. and I have a JOB! I get to make a nice railing. We had a wonderful Indian dinner with your recipes and I will post it when I have more time! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Jerry. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Awesome. I have a friend here, she loves to collect dolls too. Good collection you have. She makes, collects and displays dolls at local community center. Check out her collection at my blog under 'Doll Festival' (Under culture).

  4. Beautiful collection!!!
    How do you protect it from guests or children visiting your home?

  5. Lovely collection and thanks for sharing it! earlier whenevr I saw so many dolls ar our friend's house in Hyd I used to wonder,till I came to know that they all have many more and they bring it out on Golu.

  6. Wow! You have an exquisite collection.I have a few elephants from Jaipur and some other similar handicrafts which I brought from Pune. I will surely try buying some more of these. I love the way, you have put some on your chimney, very innovative! I have the same question as SV -- how do you protect them from children visiting?

  7. SV and Rachana, I am paranoid of children, so if I hear any child or children are visiting I hide everything away, some children are so naughty and adamant.
    I never had to worry about my children when they were young, it is only other people's I have to worry. But luckily no children have been visiting our house for quite some time.
    Even when I have grand children, I am not sure they will be as well behaved as my own children had been. So everything would go into hiding if that day ever comes.

  8. You have a lovely collection and have displayed it beautifully. The elephant is my fav.

  9. Ah ! those were the good old days when toys were meant only for children to play with.

  10. you have a great collection Rama, thanks for sharing, I buy coffee mugs from abroad and have a collection of mismatched coffee mugs

  11. the first elephant is my favourite

    follow if u like what u see?

  12. Beautiful collection Rama. I enjoyed viewing these different works of art. My Dad carves. He would enjoy seeing such pieces as the final elephant plaque. Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. Gorgeous curios.
    Loved your comment on kids. I was apparently a perfect kid who never touched anything, but when we visit, I insist my mother puts everything away. Why tempt fate?

    Have a great holiday.

  14. Wow!! Hello Rama, I love those dolls. They are so amazing. I am moving to india in a couple of months and maybe I can see them in real!! I am 18 years old, and I live in trinidad and tobago, i recently started my very own blog and would love it if some experienced bloggers like yourself would help me along, give me tips and guidelines :)

  15. Oh good collection!

    When you hide, children would search and find them; but when they hide, you cannot search them!

    Your scenic background is also great...

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Its after a long time i have come across a collector of Indian crafts. In the Chinese inspired economy, these pictures are a relief.

  17. you have a beautiful collection of decors rama:)

  18. hey rama ..the fridge magnets from various countries are exquisite and good idea to remnisce.Happy new year to your family.