Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recipe for Palak (Spinach) Paneer (Cottage cheese)

View from the top
A big bowl of curd rice
Spinach  with cottage cheese,  Indian Bread, Plate of onion rings,  Yoghurt, and Curd rice and Raw Mango pickles.


1. Spinach 1 small bunch

2. Tomatoes 2 small ones

3. Ginger half an inch

4. Garlic 1 whole pod

5. Onion 1 small size

6. Green chillies 2 or 1 according to taste

7. Indian curry powder/ Garam masala

8. Any vegetable oil 5 to 6 teaspoons

9. Aniseeds for tempering

10.Half tsp. Turmeric powder

11. Salt to taste

12. 250 gms. cottage cheese, to be cut into small cubes ( not too small about an inch)


Wash and cut spinach, tomatoes, and ginger roughly
put them together in a microwave  bowl add a little water if needed, and microwave it for about 4- 5 mins.
After they have cooled down puree them in the food processor..
Take it out and keep it aside.
Next cut onions into fine pieces, slit the green chillies, if you want it hot, you can cut 1 green chilly very finely.
Crush garlic and peel them, chop them or just leave them crushed.
Heat oil in a pan, once it is hot, drop some crushed aniseeds about 1 tsp. into the oil, wait for it to spultter.
Add onion and keep frying it for about 2 mins, don't let it become brown, keep the heat in simmer position.
Now add the Indian curry powder/ Garam masla and fry for a second, then add the garlic, fry for about a minute(keep the heat always in low). 
Now add the paste of spinach, tomato and ginger to it, also add the cottage cheese, stirring gently the whole mixture, and cook for about 3 to 4 mins.
If it seems too thick add very little water, allow everything to blend well together for few seconds.
Now your Spinach with cottage cheese is ready to be served.

It is a dish that can be served with anything like:
1. Indian Bread, Pita Bread, or even with your regular Brown/ White Bread 
2. It can be served with White or Brown Rice.
4. You can cut raw onion into rings and sprinkle some salt and pepper, with a dash lemon juice.

This recipe is especially written for my friend Jerry Carlin, who wanted all his blogger friends to post some interesting recipes. I am sure it is the most easiest dish to prepare, and also tastes very good.

 Your feedbacks are most welcome.

BTW the curd rice is must for most South Indians, we always like to finish our lunch / dinner with curd rice and pickles.


  1. so cool! i've been trying to find new foods for my (very picky) family to try! got 'er saved. i'll buy the supplies next grocery shopping trip. (if my scattered brain remembers!) :)

  2. looks very yummy Rama and my husband loves palak paneer so we eat it at least once a week, we also cook it in the same manner.
    Your new display pic is very nice.

  3. Thanks Shuchita. Today I made it for lunch thought, I might as well post the recipe as promised to my dear friend.

    aspiring, you must try it out, you would simply love this simple and healthy dish.

  4. Thanks for the nice recipe. Should taste yummy.

  5. Rama, this looks wonderful and I'll make it for dinner this weekend! I think this is great to share recipes from all over the world, thank you so much!

  6. Rama,

    I am neither a cooking fan nor live to eat. So your recipe does not interest me but I really liked the pictures :) Pictures from different view - top view and two side views - very scientific approach there.

  7. Your windows by the table look gorgeous. Will try the recipe sometime.