Saturday, October 9, 2010

Of husbands and sinks ( written many years ago : thought of sharing some of my anecdotes with my fellow bloggers)

 It was one of those days when everything goes wrong. I overslept,and could not prepare the breakfast and lunch I had planned because of a longish power-cut. Try depending on th e Karnataka Electricity Board - you are doomed for the day. To cook something on the spur of the moment can drive you crazy.
  I had a fight with my husband the previous evening, which left me cursing him all night till sleep overtook me. I was naturally in no frame of mind to tackle the additional problems that fate (and KEB) had dumped on me.
   Seeing my husband going about his daily boring routine  without being in the least affected by the goings-on around him was enough to send my BP soaring.  He can remain calm even if the roof fell on him.
   While I was cooking,  another part of mind was  busily plotting,  considering various ways of getting him to lose his cool: with my mind brimming with evil thoughts, I cleaned the vegetable peels and bent down to throw them into the dust-bin near the sink. While unbending,  I hit the left side of my face,  near the eye,  against the hard granite edge of the sink. I felt a searing pain for a second and could feel a bump coming up.  I immediately applied some ice,  and went about my work.
   My son came to the kitchen and asked, why the spot under my eye was so black and swollen.  Although it still hurt,  I thought  that the ice had taken care of the swelling. I looked in the mirror,  and was shocked  to see the bruise. It was blue - black  and  a little swollen,  as if I had been bashed by someone.
     Oh God!  How was I to face the outside world with this face? What would people think?
    "Patidev"  (the high and mighty husband) commented that apparently God had taught me a lesson. He had that smug look on his face. Naturally,  he was mighty pleased that without any effort on his part I got what he would himself have wished to give.
 I spent a few hours, trying various ways to make my face look presentable. The swelling subsided but the bruise  refused to budge and stayed for atleast another 15 days. I resigned myself to my new battered look.
  People gave me strange looks--men looked up to my husband,  during our walks together.  Probably they were  thrilled and impressed, that my husband could do something about which,  they could only dream.  Some women looked at me with pity,  while some shot looks of contempt. I found the whole thing very amusing.  People assume so many things but the reality is so different.
    During one of my weekend hobby classes my friends kept looking at me. I thought they were admiring my good looks,  (waiting for compliments to come flying on my way) for in the meantime I had totally forgotten about my black eye. One of the bolder ones asked me , "what happened to your eye,  Rama?"---reality struck me again in my face.
I explained to them how I hit my face against the sink. I jovially shared with them, what I felt people were reading into this. They nodded agreeably, cracking their own jokes, saying they really believed my story. The majority seemed to derive vicarious pleasure in believing the husband had done it to me rather than an inanimate sink.
I am beginning to wonder if that could be really true. Is it possible I had a temporary memory blackout at the time of impact?
  Can anybody please tell me what really happened?


  1. It was an accident while practicing aspects of the Karma Sutra! Your friends will be jealous and envious!

  2. Nice narration. Unexpected ending. I was expecting something like the following:

    “He can remain calm even if the roof fell on him.

    But when he saw my black eye and swollen face, he became more nervous and worried than me. He immediately put me in our car and rushed to the doctor’s office at 100 miles per hour in the streets of Bangalore, ignoring all the traffic lights. That is true love. I am lucky to have married him.”

  3. Excuse me,Dear friend.I do not understood every thing.I could not translate.
    I understood so so.

  4. Good post!
    Barring a few wife bashers, rest are angels! Will send a file showing wife loving husbands by email.. you will conclude that too much care also would scare wives!

  5. my friend subu has done my job...plz c the file he sends :)

  6. Oh, that black & blue bruise incident was truly unfortunate! It was obviously an accident. Your mind was too preoccupied with things for you to have noticed. And people love to read between the lines, don't they?! Even if there aren't any?!

  7. Yes RGB, it happened years ago, and my husband and myself couldn't stop laughing at that incident at that time. It was so hilarious. However don't we all have this tendency within us to jump into wrong conclusion?

  8. @ Rama ,oh no..why did tht happen to u? it sh have happened the opposite right? ur hubby fought and didnt even apologise...and was bindaas..anyways ..gud brain work for outsiders..(for all sorts of assumptions)

  9. Dear Friend!Thank You very much for Your beautiful comment on my blog,

  10. Awww, I hope you have a better day tomorrow. And I don't know what happened :(

  11. Hello Rama:)

    The moral of the story is that pent up anger will harm a person harboring it apart from increasing blood pressure.It is always better not to react to a situation which will end up with a quarrel.

    I don't think your husband had anything to do with your hurt.

    This a very interesting and a hilarious post.I enjoyed it.

    Best wishes:)

  12. Hello!Thank You very much for amail.I have read it.

  13. Nice narration!! Enjoyed reading about it!! very amusing!!

  14. Hahahah! Interesting is the least I can say about this! :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog Rama. I understand that my parents are one of a kind but not the only one. I sincerely hope that there should be less if that kind.

    What you said was very true about parents and kids not being dependent on each other.

  15. Well, the husband is presumed to be the culprit when you have bad bruises on your face! Hope he did not run into trouble with anyone because of this! :)

  16. Hey Rama, thanks for visiting my blog. you are a good writer. keep it up. I always comes short on words:)

  17. nice post lolz enjoyed reading it and both of you look so nice
    your garden is so beautiful, being from mumbai where even a balcony is a luxury I am so envious

  18. My daughter is married and she lives in Mumbai, like you she too misses not even having a balcony: that is life in Mumbai, and it is indeed really sad.

  19. Nice post...can it be "Behind every successful man there is a woman, behind every battered & bruised woman there is a real or imagined man'?

  20. heehee. one more similarity between you and me. I hit my head on the sink so many times, I have lost count. But the counter below the sink being wood, I only have nasty bumps. No bruises. My poor husband is always dismayed how I manage to hit that spot, exactly the corner, so many times!

    It is silly how some people take things for granted and spin their own yarns. And how could anyone who knew you think you would suffer at the hands of an abusive husband? no one could be angry with you for too long, given your beautiful smile. :)

    is that wood graffiti in your house? it looks smashing.