Saturday, July 6, 2013

'M' For: Mesmerizing San Francisco, I do miss you so much....

The mesmerizing views of the Golden Gate Bridge Cable car, and  few other equally interesting places in San Francisco:


One would need a tripod to take good photographs .
Without it,  you end up with pictures like these.

 The beautiful Hotel Argonaut: the Argonaut Hotel is perched on the edge of the Bay at the busy Fisherman's wharf, and brings a bit of luxury to this popular area. The Hotel's architecture features original red brick walls and wooden beams and it was worth capturing it in the camera, while we were there : for it is a hotel only for the rich and famous. 

The deserted view  of the city at night, giving such a eerie feeling of stillness- creepy enough to give you goosebumps.....

The Transamerica Pyramid: Transamerica Pyramid is the most remarkable building in SF's skyline. It is the tallest building in the city measuring 853 ft from the street level. Transamerica Pyramid is the most remarkable building in SF's skyline. 

San Francisco's Chinatown was first established in the mid 19th century, attracting immigrants mostly from China's Guangdong Province. Most of these individuals had jobs with the Central Pacific Railroad. They soon established their own town within the city.
Most of the shops are located around Grant Street, the central axis of Chinatown's tourist area. Here all lampposts are ornamented, very colorful and very Chinese. Tourists  and locals jostle for space on the narrow sidewalks along the many souvenir shops, eateries and herbal shops. 

When you are in San Francisco you can't miss out 
on the Union Square.
Union Square in SF is famous for its many upscale and speciality stores and shops. Many of SF's best hotels and restaurants are also found within a few blocks of Union Square.

Union Square is sometimes attributed only with shopping and crowds, but there is more there than what, most people are lead to think, and of course, for anyone visiting San Francisco, you should not miss it.  I bought quite a few things for a reasonable price. 

This landmark hotel is one of San Francisco's grand dames, operating continuously since 1928 in the heart of Union Square.
However, aside from shopping visitors can walk the streets and enjoy fine art galleries, sit in the plaza and enjoy the sun, go see a show at one of the many theaters or dine at some of the best restaurant in the city.
In this picture, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge, and the beautiful scenery behind me

While waiting for the cable car, you are never bored as street musicians keep entertaining you all the while. The waiting too is just 10 minutes.
San Francisco is an array of hills and valleys, and the cable car will take you up and down like a slow roller coaster ride, which you would really enjoy with views that are stunning and this is something you must never miss if you ever plan a trip to the US of America.
How many times I have seen pictures of people hanging from cable cars like this in Travel channels, well I did too when I was there!!
More on this and other interesting things about San Francisco, I will share in some future blog.

So much to do and so little time to see everything: I can only leave you with some views of San Francisco seen through my eyes.

(Pictures taken by our son)


  1. Nice photos and nice tour, Rama, glad you didn't leave your heart there!

  2. Yes Jerry I have left my heart there, as you must have read in my earlier blog.
    Thanks Jerry, I never seem to get enough of that, so I keep revisiting through these pictures.

  3. These are gorgeous! I understand about it taking your heart away and I hope you'll be able to return soon. Absolutely beautiful pics and post.

  4. Pretty good ones to go back down memory lane.

  5. Nice pictures. The cable car is something I must see (as I have an affinity towards trams and anything related to it)

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  7. mesmerizing it is! had an armchair tour to SF. Thank you, Rama:)

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  9. That was a lovely trip to SFO and thanks for taking us there through the nice narrative and captivating pictures, Rama:)

  10. The golden gate bridge is sure so mesmerizing! I would love to visit it one day, when the clouds are over the bridge :)

  11. I enjoyed your SFO trip Rama :) I had been there a couple of months ago but couldn't enjoy the cable car ride.

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