Thursday, June 14, 2012

London, Spain And Portugal

We visited London, Spain and Portugal in 2007, and I still can't forget how lovely the whole trip was.  In this blog I will cover only London.
We went around London all by ourselves, taking the Tube, seeing all the important places and having lot of fun window shopping (people like us can only do window shopping). It was during the month of October, the winter was just setting in, and it was pretty cold. Luckily for us during our 3/4 days stay there it never rained.
 Tate Modern Art Museum: visit this place for the entrance is free.
 Established in 2000 in a converted power station and located right along the Thames, this museum houses international and modern art from the 1900’s on. The exhibits change frequently so stop on by every time you’re in town.

Graffiti has always been the most controversial form of art. It all began some 30,000 years ago. However, defacing public property has come a long way. Previously associated with gangs and crime, graffiti has evolved into an international art form that encompasses public artistic and political expression. The illegality of spraying your name, artwork or political opinions on public property has produced an array of techniques, explored the most forbidden themes and created an international culture of unconventional artists.  The intention of the artist is to send a message to the general public.
This picture was to show that I was here.

We visited Hyde Park, searched and searched and finally found Petticoat lane market, and found it was closed, so we went and saw an adjacent market which was useless.

 More window shopping and more walking, we would get dropped at some central point around 8.30 in the morning, and we would roam the streets of London till evening around 5.30, the drop and pickup was done by my husbands sister, who is a Doctor there.
 The famous London Bridge
One cannot leave London without a mandatory visit to Harrods. Forget shopping, for either some things are not worth buying for the amount mentioned, or there are things that are good but beyond our means, so the next best thing is to just look around. You can also get yourself photographed by your husband, who is absolutely bored  with the whole idea of window shopping or any shopping for that matter .
From its humble beginnings as a grocer and tea merchant in 1834, to the Terracotta Palace filled with luxury merchandise, Harrods continues to go from strength to strength, guided by its philosophy ‘anything is possible’. I like their motto.
 The Tower of London

The Big Ben.
This pretty green bridge is the Westminster's Bridge.

The observation wheel turns slow enough for people to embark while it is moving. A complete turn takes about 30 minutes. Thanks to the construction of the glass capsules on the outer side of the rim,
the passengers have a great 360° view over London. Many famous landmarks are clearly visible, for on a clear day you can see as far as 40 km (25 miles).

 The well known Red Telephone Booth, had to take a picture here

No. 10 Downing Street is the official home and office of Britain's Prime Minister. Have a look at the building looking through the gates from Whitehall. Have your photo taken with the house in the background

 Trafalgar Square
 A view of the London Eye

 I simply loved these row of buildings, they looked so strikingly neat and beautiful
The Changing of Guard Ceremony is free to watch, if you have the time and interest.

Although Guinness may appear to be black, it is officially a very dark shade of ruby.
Studies claim that Guinness can be beneficial to the heart. Researchers found that antioxidant compounds in Guinness, similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, are responsible for health benefits, because they slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls. I had to taste it, and believe me it tasted  real good.
Oh, there are so many things one can do in London, the best part is walking everywhere, taking in the  atmosphere, enjoying the really chilly weather and one can go on and on, but only as a tourist, for I don't think I would like to live in a place that, for most of the time looks pretty grey and gloomy and wet.
Looking back, I feel very grateful, that I was fortunate enough to visit this lovely country, in this life time.


  1. Beautiful memories ! I visited last year again and liked the place...did you see covent gardens..I loved it.

  2. Yes Renu we saw the Covent gardens too.

  3. Fascinating piece.
    One thing I feel and always do , is there is atmosphere and history in European cities, which is missing and much artificial in the cities of the USA.
    Do you get the feel you got perhaps in London, Paris Venice or even Porto and Lisbon , ( not to forget the former Eastern European cities like Prague), in Newyork or LA?

  4. Your very correct, US is the same everywhere, with a few exceptions, my husband too likes only Europe, and he has plans to visit Eastern Europe. However, his business keeps him very occupied, and I doubt his plans.

  5. oh yes one of the best drinks i have ever had Guiness .. I dont go to pubs regulalry but when i do thats my drink :)
    but then it is said that the guiness that we get in england is not the same taste as the one we get in ireland ...

    lovely pictures


  6. nice information.revive my meomries as i also visited u.k in 2007

  7. Beautiful pics Rama, obvious that you two had a great time! I personally feel each place is unique by itself, I enjoyed both US n UK equally. Oh yes, I bought a few candies at Harrods, the only stuff that I could afford!

  8. Lovely narration and beautiful pics Rama:) Felt as if i had gone on that tour. Love your last lines- none would like to live in a gloomy grey weather...

  9. Lovely pictures. Am surprised that the red phone booth is still there.
    Of all these places I have only been to Spain :-)

  10. The Red Booths are there everywhere. And I have enjoyed your pictures of Spain.

  11. Rama,
    Nice narration..It was nice to see all your snaps and reminded me of my vacation in London last year, in June..Whats this Terracotta Palace,I didnt find it in any of the attractions or any flyers .Will go and google now..I'm thankful too for the having got the opportunity to visit this place and will be glad if I get another chance..

  12. Thanks SM. I must say after reading your blog on London, I was inspired to share our trip through this blog.

  13. I recognised all the places as I have been everywhere. I was many times in London, so I can say I know almost all thge touristic points of interest. Very nice to remember, thanks!

  14. are lucky to have travelled so much....beautiful post. We also want to visit UK but waiting for my son to grow lil older and then we all can enjoy the trip...