Saturday, April 21, 2012

" Time Stands Still "

Somehow I always, feel the time stands still for me. I never feel rushed for time.

It is such a nice feeling, to have Time by your side always. I always have time for everything, if planned properly we can do a lot of things and still have time to enjoy every little things that come by our way. If we love and respect time it would always be there for us giving us company and standing still with us. I think it is a great feeling.
Time stood still with me as I admired the most beautiful place in the world: Sikkim. It was my wish that I should see the snow capped mountains, and that wish came true during our 25th wedding anniversarry.

Time was there with me as I stood like a crazy woman, wanting my husband to take pictures of me in the famous Times Square in New York

Time came along with me to Central park in New York, and we enjoyed a cool and serene Saturday afternoon there.

We traveled together to see the world famous Niagara Falls, and Time was my guide, taking me to less visited sites there ....


Time was there showing me the awesomenesss of  the snow covered mountains of Sikkim at close range: Oh! it was so beautiful, words fail to describe its beauty

Time was my constant companion, when I visited Spain and Portugal
 He looked on as an indulgent father, when I childishly wanted a picture taken on a moving tram
Time too seemed to be wonder struck to see the Golden Gate Bridge still standing tall and still strong and beautiful
Time was there to see my daughter get married to a nice man, and when tears of happiness come flowing from my eyes he is there to wipe my tears, or sometimes shedding tears of joy with me, thereby giving me company.
 He marveled along with me at the most beautiful places visited by me as if he was seeing it for the first time

Time reminded me, the lines of Rumi read somewhere: not to forget that the earth delights to feel my  bare feet and the wind longs to play with my hair...

He consoled me when I really missed the people I loved the most
He was there when I was terribly sick, all the time pushing me gently to get well and strong.

I am grateful to him for my very existence in this world, finding new things to admire and capture them in my camera, for I no longer take sunrise, sunset, the wonderful clouds, the flowers, and the people surrounding me for granted. I am eternally grateful to Time for always leading me in the right direction.

Well, for me Time has always been a friend, a guide, a mentor, a father all rolled into one.
He has always been there, is always there and would always be there for me.
He is my constant companion, hand in hand we have traveled together, in good times and in bad, never leaving each other's side, even for a second : our bond is strong.
I feel so blessed to have time constantly with me, nurturing me, healing me, encouraging me, changing me, and inspiring me.
Thank you dear time, for I cherish every minute of our togetherness in this great and wonderful journey called Life.

Do you have the same relationship with Time?
I would really love to know .


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  2. Check your spam box in the blog. I found quite a few comments in the spam and posted them today.

  3. Rachna said
    I love the pics! Those taken in Sikkim are breathtaking! At the moment, I am busy with so many things that I really feel that I am short on time. But, I like to be doing things that I enjoy and having lovely people around me.

  4. Very pretty pics and a wonderful thanks giving. Let the great times continue in your life.
    And to quote Einstein,"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.”
    anilkurup said

  5. I just loved the pics and the importance you gave to "time" whose presence most of us tend to ignore! Now a days, I am more and more being able to be in the present moment that I am beginning to see the vastness of time.:-)
    padmaja said

  6. I just loved the pics and the importance you gave to "time" whose presence most of us tend to ignore! Now a days, I am more and more being able to be in the present moment that I am beginning to see the vastness of time.:-)
    padmaja said

  7. beautiful pictures , Oh my Sikkim looks awesome , pity when i went I did not have a good camera ..
    Bikramjit said

  8. A lovely post, Rama and I feel just the same way as you, totally blessed and time by my side, as a constant companion, to admire the beauty all around!
    Rahul Bhatia said

  9. Saumya and Meera's comments could not be recovered as their comments never came to my inbox

  10. Oh my what happened to your comments ?
    What a beautiful post Rama .Applause!

  11. Wow.. Sikkim.. it's one of the places i really wish to visit some day..

  12. Love the header picture.

    I am usually a relaxed person, except for the time when my kids were young. Now I guess I am getting back to my no-rush phase again.

  13. These are all beautiful photos, like the places you have visited.
    Sometime I like to have the power to extend the time, so I can retain all the wonderful moments of my life a little longer.

  14. Really amazing post-- and the pictures were spectacular!!!!! I have missed your blog termendously- so good to be back reading you.

  15. Such a nice way to tell your story, enjoyed your photos a lot..

  16. A beautiful post with lovely pictures. Sikkim is one place I really want to visit. Your post has now renewed my wish.
    Wish you and your lovely family all my best.

  17. Beautiful photos and especially loved the photo of your daughter's wedding on Santorini. For me it's time to make more time to enjoy the things around me. Thank you for reminding me! Francesca

  18. Lovely photos you look really happy!