Friday, November 25, 2011

Cooking Up A Simple And Healthy Lunch

Today, the weather being cloudy and nice, I felt like making, some wholesome Biriyani with some Egg plant gravy dish which goes well with the Biriyani, and some Raita which is made with raw Cucumber, Tomatoes and Onion in yogurt.
This Biriyani  is made out of Brown rice with some Carrots, Peas, Cauliflower and some Onions and I topped it with some lightly fried Potatoes.
I sprinkled it with some Mint leaves and browned Onions: it really tastes good. Brown rice has a nice nutty flavor, and is also very good for health.

                                                    Try using brown rice it is really good.

The Egg plant dish has lightly fried  whole Egg plant, the small variety, in Tomato gravy, which  is a  perfect  accompaniment to Pulav, Biriyani, or just plain Rice. The Yogurt, with raw vegetables is another healthy addition to any  Indian meal.

Happy Healthy Eating!!!

Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other. ~Joseph Addison


  1. double thumbs up for advocating use of brown rice...:) ..i did a post on that onmy food blog a long time ago

  2. biryani is a recent fav of mine along with mirch ka salan.

    never knew we could use brown rice for biryani, though i make idlis by adding a measure of this brown rice to parboiled rice. the idllis turn super soft

  3. Will try brown rice for biryani.Thanks for this tip.Looks yummy!!!!

  4. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) i want to eat it tooooo


  5. Sounds very delicious.. the taste of fried potatoes you served with bisibele still lingers in my mouth!

  6. Rama..this looks yummy...I will take ur advise and try brown rice.

  7. looking so yummy..feel like cooking now:)

  8. I think I will try this recipe. It seems delicious. Have a nice Sunday!

    Greetings from Romania!

  9. Yummy ! We are going to have this lunch together someday .... for sure ! Heeee !Happy Sunday !