Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mere Mehboob Tujhe......

Mere Mehboob is a 1963 Indian film directed by Harnam Singh Rawail and starring Rajendra KumarSadhanaAshok KumarNimmiPran,Johnny Walker and Ameeta. The film became a "blockbuster" and took the number one position at the box office in 1963.[1] The movie drew a background from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and traditional Lucknow. The famous song "Mere Mehboob Tujhe Mere" was shot in the University Hall and in a couple of places one gets to see the university. The opening scene of the movie shows the famous residential hall and the associated clock tower 'Victoria Gate'.

I love this song, and I love the location, for I studied for sometime at Aligarh Muslim University. Both the actors had acted so well in this movie, They were the best romantic pair at that time. Though the movie was released in 1963, I got to see it only somewhere around 1977/ 78 in Calcutta. The song literally drips with love. And Sadhana, the heroine looked so beautiful, her eyes so expressive.
After its success many movies were made with similar background, but nothing could stand up to this movie.


After bumping into a college girl one day, a young man suddenly finds himself falling hopelessly in love with her. The only problem is that, clad as she is in a traditional burkha, he as only seen her hands. The remaining part explains how he finds her. Over-discreet questioning and misunderstandings lead to a series of mistaken identities and misdirected romances.


The soundtrack for the movie was composed  by Naushad and lyrics penned by Shakeel Badayuni. The soundtrack consists of 9 songs, featuring vocals by Mohammed RafiLata Mangeshkar andAsha Bhonsle. The song Mere Mehboob Tujhe became very much popular upon release. The song was composed on raga Jhinjhoti.

( Source from Wikepedia)

Enjoy this lovely song.


  1. Love this song. The movies from this era had a poetic feel. I miss those movies.
    I wish you had penned some of your memories of AMU in this post. Would have loved reading about it.

  2. Hello!
    I liked this song very much....
    Thank You very much for sharing...
    I like the Indian music very much!

  3. I like the movie and song both, you studied at AMU verry diff from Bangalore i say

  4. Wow, you studied in AMU. I haven't been there but heard a lot of good things about it. Originally, I am from UP and spent my initial years till 6th standard studying there before coming to Mumbai. I think, the more places one lives in, the better are the exposure and views on life. Song - nice too. I remember it was done to death on Chitrahaar :).

  5. "The only problem is that, clad as she is in a traditional burkha, he as only seen her hands. The remaining part explains how he finds her." The hero knows the principle of "Samutrika lakshanam"?....I have not seen the movie.. as I very rarely watch Hindi movies(of late the list is growing.. 3 idiots,slum dog, rabne banadi..jodi.. jab we met,chakde...I think my earlier statement not justified) but your post makes me curious to watch the movie.


  6. Hi Rama ,I think I should watch this movie ..sounds interesting,...:)

  7. Nice post Rama..old is gold:-)

  8. I loved the song. Haven't seen the movie though

  9. Hello!
    I love the old Indian films and musics...

  10. Rafi is my all time favorite singer. I don't think any other singer can match his gard-filled voice or singing talent.

  11. I love this song!!!! Haven't seen the movie but you make me want to see it ;)

  12. Ramma though I did not understand the words, watching the video clip you can see how enamoured he is with the young woman wearing the Burkha..makes me curious to know what becomes of them?!
    Have a great day!!
    Alli xx

  13. Rama I sincerely hope I will be able to listen to the song when my new computer is up and running. Unsure what the word is that says it is b....
    Takes forever and I simply give up in frustration.
    I am so disappointed!

  14. Rama,

    I beg to differ. I personally do not like this song though I like Rafi's other songs a lot. For some reason, I could never watch Rajindra Kumar movies except one i.e.Dil Ek Mandir.

    My choice is movies are more script based..

  15. Hello!
    Very beautiful love story--- I think in that film.
    It is bad that I have not seen that film.

  16. I do not the English very well.
    If I do any mistake ,please,inform me.

  17. have heard this song many times and simply love the olden day hindi songs. thanks for the history of the song.

  18. nice song:D:D i love old movies..they had fairtale stories and true entertainment, gets in trance after watching em entering a different time period :D lov it.